1st Edition

Mathematics Teaching, Learning, and Liberation in the Lives of Black Children

Edited By Danny Bernard Martin Copyright 2009
    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    376 Pages
    by Routledge

    With issues of equity at the forefront of mathematics education research and policy, Mathematics Teaching, Learning, and Liberation in the Lives of Black Children fills the need for authoritative, rigorous scholarship that sheds light on the ways that young black learners experience mathematics in schools and their communities. This timely collection significantly extends the knowledge base on mathematics teaching, learning, participation, and policy for black children and it provides new framings of relevant issues that researchers can use in future work. More importantly, this book helps move the field beyond analyses that continue to focus on and normalize failure by giving primacy to the stories that black learners tell about themselves and to the voices of mathematics educators whose work has demonstrated a commitment to the success of these children.



    Section I: Mapping A Liberatory Research and Policy Agenda

    1. Liberating the Production of Knowledge About African American Children and Mathematics, Danny Bernard Martin

    Section II: Pedagogy, Standards, and Assessment

    2. Researching African American Mathematics Teachers of African American Students: Conceptual and Methodological Considerations, Lawrence M. Clark, Whitney Johnson & Daniel Chazan

    3. "This Little Light of Mine!" Entering Voices of Cultural Relevancy into the Mathematics Teaching Conversation, Lou Edward Matthews

    4. Instructional Strategies and Dispositions of Teachers Who Help African American Students Gain Conceptual Understanding, Carol E. Malloy

    5. Contrasting Pedagogical Styles and Their Impact on African American Students, Robert Q. Berry III & Oren L. McClain

    6. More than Test Scores: How Teachers’ Classroom Practice Contributes to and What Student Work Reveals about Black Students’ Mathematics Performance and Understanding, Erica N. Walker

    Section III: Socialization, Learning, and Identity

    7. The Social Construction of Youth and Mathematics: The Case of a Fifth-Grade Classroom, Kara J. Jackson

    8. Identity at the Crossroads: Understanding the Practices and Forces that Shape African American Success and Struggle in Mathematics, Joi A. Spencer

    9. Wrestling with the Legacy of Stereotypes: Being African American in Math Class, Na’ilah Suad Nasir, Grace Atukpawu, Kathleen O’Connor, Michael Davis, Sarah Wischnia & Jessica Tsang

    10. Opportunities to Learn Geometry: Listening to the Voices of Three African American Students High School Students, Marilyn E. Strutchens & S. Kathy Westbrook

    11. Negotiating Sociocultural Discourses: The Counter-Storytelling of Academically and Mathematically Successful African American Male Students, David W. Stinson

    12. "Come Home, Then": Two Eighth-Grade Black Female Students’ Reflections on their Mathematics Experiences, Yolanda A. Johnson

    13. "Still Not Saved": The Power of Mathematics to Liberate the Oppressed, Jacqueline Leonard

    Section IV: Collaboration and Reform

    14. University/K-12 Partnerships: A Collaborative Approach to School Reform, Martin L. Johnson & Stephanie Timmons Brown




    Danny Bernard Martin is Chair of the Department of Curriculum and Instruction in the College of Education and Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Illinois at Chicago.

    "I have a deep appreciation for this volume and understand its value for the educational enterprise in general and Black children in particular. Even those who do not share my same sentiments will find this book to be insightful, informative, and thought provoking concerning the mathematics teaching and learning of Black children."--Christopher C. Jett, Journal of Urban Mathematics Education

    "This book is a rich resource for anyone who is concerned about mathematics learning of black and other minority children. Recommended for university libraries and researchers involved in mathematics education of minority children....Recommended."--CHOICE

    "This is a book that I heartily recommend to anyone who cares about equity and tackling racism, and it is a book that appropriately and refreshingly put teaching at its center. The book presents many different forms of research and writing, colorful and engaging accounts, insightful and chilling accounts of racism, and powerful new lenses and theories to consider the issues. This may be the first collection of its kind in mathematics education that brings different authors together to focus exclusively on African American children."--Teachers College Record