1st Edition

Measurement, Design, and Analysis An Integrated Approach

    840 Pages
    by Psychology Press

    In textbooks and courses in statistics, substantive and measurement issues are rarely, if at all, considered. Similarly, textbooks and courses in measurement virtually ignore design and analytic questions, and research design textbooks and courses pay little attention to analytic and measurement issues. This fragmentary approach fosters a lack of appreciation of the interrelations and interdependencies among the various aspects of the research endeavor. Pedhazur and Schmelkin's goal is to help readers become proficient in these aspects of research and their interrelationships, and to use that information in a more integrated manner. The authors offer extensive commentaries on inputs and outputs of computer programs in the context of the topics presented. Both the organization of the book and the style of presentation allow for much flexibility in choice, sequence, and degree of sophistication with which topics are dealt.

    Contents: Preface. Overview. Part I: Measurement. Measurement and Scientific Inquiry. Criterion-Related Validation. Construct Validation. Reliability. Selected Approaches to Measurement in Sociobehavioral Research. Part II: Design. Science and Scientific Inquiry. Definitions and Variables. Theories, Problems, and Hypotheses. Research Design: Basic Principles and Concepts. Artifacts and Pitfalls in Research. Experimental Designs. Quasi-Experimental Designs. Nonexperimental Designs. Introduction to Sampling. Part III: Analysis. Computers and Computer Programs. Simple Regression Analysis. Multiple Regression Analysis. A Categorical Independent Variable. Multiple Categorical Independent Variables: Factorial Designs. Attribute--Treatments--Interactions; Analysis of Covariance. Exploratory Factor Analysis. Confirmatory Factor Analysis. Structural Equation Modeling. Appendices: Critical Values for F. Percentile Points for X2 Distribution.


    Elazar J. Pedhazur, Liora Pedhazur Schmelkin

    "The measurement chapters are very well done....I think [this book is] excellent."
    Contemporary Psychology

    "A true asset of the book, and a marvelous resource for students and researchers alike, is the extensive citation of relevant references to guide the reader in acquiring additional knowledge on selected topics....an exceptionally readable book, with much to offer as a text for an introductory graduate sequence in research methods and statistics."
    Journal of the American Statistical Association

    "...the richness of each topical discussion allows exploration in several directions and in depth with the goal of interpreting data (wherever they are found) in an intelligent thoughtful manner. Excellent! It belongs on one's desk within arm's length."
    Perceptual and Motor Skills

    "...a good and very useful book to have, not in the least because it makes explicit so many obvious but often neglected issues in doing research....a helpful companion for scientists intent on improving their research and assessing the research of others."
    Psychologica Belgica