1st Edition

Microelectronic Packaging

Edited By M. Datta, Tetsuya Osaka, J. Walter Schultze Copyright 2004
    568 Pages 387 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Microelectronic Packaging analyzes the massive impact of electrochemical technologies on various levels of microelectronic packaging. Traditionally, interconnections within a chip were considered outside the realm of packaging technologies, but this book emphasizes the importance of chip wiring as a key aspect of microelectronic packaging, and focuses on electrochemical processing as an enabler of advanced chip metallization.

    Divided into five parts, the book begins by outlining the basics of electrochemical processing, defining the microelectronic packaging hierarchy, and emphasizing the impact of electrochemical technology on packaging. The second part discusses chip metallization topics including the development of robust barrier layers and alternative metallization materials. Part III explores key aspects of chip-package interconnect technologies, followed by Part IV's analysis of packages, boards, and connectors which covers materials development, technology trends in ceramic packages and multi-chip modules, and electroplated contact materials. Illustrating the importance of processing tools in enabling technology development, the book concludes with chapters on chemical mechanical planarization, electroplating, and wet etching/cleaning tools.

    Experts from industry, universities, and national laboratories submitted reviews on each of these subjects, capturing the technological advances made in each area. A detailed examination of how packaging responds to the challenges of Moore's law, this book serves as a timely and valuable reference for microelectronic packaging and processing professionals and other industrial technologists.

    Electrochemical Processing Technologies and their Impact in Microelectronic Packaging, Madhav Datta

    Electroplating Process for Cu Chip Metallization, Valery M. Dubin, Harsono S. Simka, Sadasivan Shankar, Peter Moon, Thomas Marieb, and Madhav Datta

    Electroless Barrier and Seed Layers for On-Chip Metallization, Valery M. Dubin, Sergey Lopatin, Amit Kohn, Nick Petrov, Moshe Eizenberg, and Yosi Shacham-Diamand

    Alternative Materials for ULSI and MEMS Metallization, Yosi Shacham-Diamand, Nathan Croitoru, Alexander Inberg, Yelena Sverdlov, Valery Dubin, and Vadim Bogush

    Tape Carrier and Development Trend, Osamu Yoshika, and Akira Chinda

    Flip-chip Interconnection, Madhav Datta

    Compliant Interconnects, Paul Kohl

    Pb-free Flip-chip Technologies, D. R. Frear, and W.H. Lytle

    Materials Overview in Organic Packaging, Saikumar Jayaraman, John Tang, and Vijay Wakharkar

    Glass-Ceramic Packages, Kazuhiro Ikuina, Yuzo Shimada, and Kazuaki Utsumi

    Electrochemical Processes in the Fabrication of Multi-chip Modules, S. Krongelb, L.T. Romankiw, E.D. Perfecto, and K.K.H. Wong

    Bumping Technology for Advanced Packages, Shinichi Wakabayashi

    Plated Through Hole Technology for Boards, Haruo Akahoshi

    Electroplated Contact Materials for Connectors and Relays, Yutaka Okinaka

    Chemical Mechanical Planarization: From Scratch to Planar, David K. Watts, Norio Kimura, and Manabu Tsujimura

    Electrochemical Deposition Equipment, Tom Ritzdorf, and Dakin Fulton

    Processes and Equipment for Wet Etching and Cleaning, Jeffery W. Butterbaugh


    M. Datta, Tetsuya Osaka, J. Walter Schultze