1st Edition

Mindful Safety A Multi-level approach to Improving Safety Culture and Performance

By Christopher Langer Copyright 2021
    178 Pages 4 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Synthesising the latest thinking from neuroscience and psychology with the practice of safety management, Mindful Safety shows how a much stronger safety culture can be built from the ground up. Case studies, applied research and practical exercises all demonstrate how attention, and the ability to focus, can significantly boost performance and resilience, whilst reducing human error and the number of safety incidents.

    Representing a new kind of safety thinking to meet contemporary challenges, the book covers four critical levels: the individual, the relational, the organisational and the societal. The approach can be successfully applied to the healthcare, road, rail, aviation and energy sectors for greater safety and performance.

    The emphasis on self-care, strengthening relationships and learning from positives signals a clear shift in safety management thinking. This is not just an insightful, analytical approach, but an action-based one ready for implementation. Few approaches in the field tackle the subjects of sleep, fatigue, distraction, smartphone addiction, workplace stress and mental health with the same vigour, or provide the safety toolkit for fighting a pandemic.

    If you want to create the right mindset to achieve exceptional results in these uncertain times, this book will show you how. It is aimed at professionals in the health and safety industry, as well as graduate students in human factors, ergonomics, industrial engineering and production engineering.

    1. Mindful Safety Culture. 2. Safety in Four Dimensions. 3. New Tools for Incident Investigation. 4. Self-Care: The Cornerstone of Mindful Safety. 5. Fatigue: Safety’s Silent Saboteur. 6. Distracted Minds, Lost Lives. 7. The Mental Health Elephant at Work. 8. Cultural Mindlessness: The Ostrich Syndrome. 9. Speaking up to Avoid Catastrophe. 10. Mindfully Learning from Positives. 11. From Blame to Safety Enlightenment. 12. Mindfulness Training for Improved Safety Performance. 13. Conclusion.


    Chris Langer is the founder of M4 Initiative, UK and is a leading expert on the application of mindfulness to health and safety. He did his MS degree in Occupational Psychology from the University of Hertfordshire, the UK in 2003. He consults with business leaders and safety professionals to deliver cutting-edge training to teach improved mental focus, concentration, and safety performance. He is a human factors specialist, mindfulness trainer, and frequent contributor to the media.