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Modern Wars In Perspective

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The Great War 1914-1918

The Great War: 1914-1918

2nd Edition

By Ian F. W. Beckett
October 08, 2007

The course of events of the Great War has been told many times, spurred by an endless desire to understand 'the war to end all wars'. However, this book moves beyond military narrative to offer a much fuller analysis of of the conflict's strategic, political, economic, social and cultural ...

The Global Seven Years War 1754-1763 Britain and France in a Great Power Contest

The Global Seven Years War 1754-1763: Britain and France in a Great Power Contest

1st Edition

By Daniel A. Baugh
June 23, 2011

The Seven Years War was a global contest between the two superpowers of eighteenth century Europe, France and Britain.  Winston Churchill called it “the first World War”.  Neither side could afford to lose advantage in any part of the world, and the decisive battles of the war ...

China at War 1901-1949

China at War 1901-1949

1st Edition

By Edward L. Dreyer
July 13, 1995

Few phases of history were as heavy with implications for the world at large than the turbulent years through which China moved from the overthrow of the last imperial dynasty in 1911, through anarchy, civil war and invasion, to the final triumph of the Communists in 1949 - yet few periods are as ...

Russia's Wars of Emergence 1460-1730

Russia's Wars of Emergence 1460-1730

1st Edition

By Carol Stevens
March 22, 2007

Russia’s emergence as a Great Power in the eighteenth century is usually attributed to Peter I’s radical programme of ‘Westernising’ reforms.  But the Russian military did not simply copy European armies.  Adapting the tactics of its neighbours on both sides, Russia ...

The Anglo-Dutch Wars of the Seventeenth Century

The Anglo-Dutch Wars of the Seventeenth Century

1st Edition

By J.R. Jones
April 30, 1996

This study of the Anglo--Dutch Wars (1652-54, 1665-67, 1672-74) sets them in their naval, political and economic contexts. Competing essentially over trade, both governments were crucially influenced by mercantile interests and by the representative institutions that were central to England and the...

The Seven Years War in Europe 1756-1763

The Seven Years War in Europe: 1756-1763

1st Edition

By Franz A.J. Szabo
August 23, 2007

In this pioneering new work, based on a thorough re-reading of primary sources and new research in the Austrian State Archives, Franz Szabo presents a fascinating reassessment of the continental war.Professor Szabo challenges the well-established myth that the Seven Years War was won through the ...

The Spanish-American War 1895-1902 Conflict in the Caribbean and the Pacific

The Spanish-American War 1895-1902: Conflict in the Caribbean and the Pacific

1st Edition

By Joseph Smith
August 01, 1994

Fought in both Caribbean and Pacific and turning on America's superior naval strength, this short but decisive war had momentous consequences internationally. It ended Spain's imperial power, and the US emerged for the first time as an active force in world affairs, acquiring -- amidst much ...

The Wars of Louis XIV 1667-1714

The Wars of Louis XIV 1667-1714

1st Edition

By John A. Lynn
May 06, 1999

Warfare dominated the long reign of the `Sun-king', Louis XIV. For forty years from 1672, France was continuously at war and had one of the largest armies seen in the West since the fall of imperial Rome. The campaigns secured little territory, but almost bankrupted the country and the consequences...

Ottoman Wars, 1700-1870 An Empire Besieged

Ottoman Wars, 1700-1870: An Empire Besieged

1st Edition

By Virginia Aksan
April 26, 2007

The Ottoman Empire had reached the peak of its power, presenting a very real threat to Western Christendom when in 1683 it suffered its first major defeat, at the Siege of Vienna.  Tracing the empire’s conflicts of the next two centuries, The Ottoman Wars: An Empire Besieged examines the ...

The War of American Independence 1775-1783

The War of American Independence: 1775-1783

1st Edition

By Richard Middleton
September 30, 2011

Wars rarely turn out as expected. This book shows how Britain entered a conflict that it believed could not be lost. The American Patriots were similarly optimistic about their martial prospects. Although they eventually secured independence, it was only with the assistance of France and indirectly...

The Dutch Wars of Independence Warfare and Commerce in the Netherlands 1570-1680

The Dutch Wars of Independence: Warfare and Commerce in the Netherlands 1570-1680

1st Edition

By Marjolein 't Hart
March 03, 2014

In The Dutch Wars of Independence, Marjolein ’t Hart assesses the success of the Dutch in establishing their independence through their eighty years struggle with Spain - one of the most remarkable achievements of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Other rebellions troubled mighty powers...

War and Empire The Expansion of Britain, 1790-1830

War and Empire: The Expansion of Britain, 1790-1830

1st Edition

By B. Collins
May 06, 2010

The years 1790 to 1830 saw Britain engage in an extensive period of war-waging and empire-building which transformed its position as an imperial state, established its reputation as a distinctive military power and secured naval preeminence. Despite this apparent success, Britain did not become a ...

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