1st Edition

Molecular Dissection of Complex Traits

By Andrew H. Paterson Copyright 1997

    In the past 10 years, contemporary geneticists using new molecular tools have been able to resolve complex traits into individual genetic components and describe each such component in detail. Molecular Dissection of Complex Traits summarizes the state of the art in molecular analysis of complex traits (QTL mapping), placing new developments in this field within the context of their historical origins. Leading authorities address central themes in analysis of complex phenotypes, and case histories of important work in this burgeoning field are presented by the principal investigators.
    The book is divided into three sections:

    Of Blending, Beans, and Bristles: The Foundations of QTL Mapping, A.H. Paterson
    Fundamental Principles
    Molecular Tools for the Study of Complex Traits, M.D. Burow and T.K. Blake
    Experimental Design Considerations in Analysis of Complex Traits, G.A. Churchill and R.W. Doerge
    Computational Tools for Study of Complex Traits, B.-H. Liu
    QTL Mapping in Outbred Pedigrees, C.G. Williams
    Mapping QTLs in Autopolyploids, S.-C. Liu, Y.-R. Lin, J.E. Irvine, and A.H. Paterson
    QTL Analysis under Linkage Equilibrium, J.F. Taylor and J.L. Rocha
    Molecular Analysis of Epistasis, Z. Li
    QTL Mapping in DNA Marker-Assisted Plant and Animal Improvement, A.H. Paterson
    QTL Analyses: Power, Precision, and Accuracy, W.D. Beavis
    High-Resolution Mapping of QTLs, A.H. Paterson
    Compilation and Distribution of Data on Complex Traits, D.W. Bigwood
    Case Histories
    Case History in Plant Domestication: Sorghum, An Example of Cereal Evolution, A.H. Paterson, K.F. Schertz, Y. Lin , and Z. Li
    Case History in Crop Improvement: Yield Heterosis in Maize, C.W. Stuber
    Case History in Germplasm Introgression: Tomato Genetics and Breeding Using Nearly Isogenic Introgression Lines Derived from Wild Species, D. Zamir and Y. Eshed
    Case History in Genetics of Long-Lived Plants: Molecular Approaches to Domestication of a Fast-Growing Forest Tree: Populus, T. Bradshaw
    Case History in Animal Improvement: Mapping Complex Traits in Ruminants, M. Georges
    Case History in Animal Improvement: Genetic Mapping of QTLs for Growth and Fatness in the Pig, L. Andersson et al.
    Case History in Humans: Mapping QTLs for Complex Traits in Humans, H. Sakul and L.R. Cardon
    Social Impact of QTL Mapping
    From Malthus to Mapping: Prospects for an Impact of Genome Analysis on the World Food Supply, J. Xiao and S.R. McCouch
    Ethical Consequences of Mapping QTLs for Complex Human Traits, J.C. Crabbe and J.K. Belknap
    Prospects for Cloning the Genetic Determinants of QTLs, A.H. Paterson


    Andrew H. Paterson