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Museum Meanings

About the Series

Museums have undergone enormous changes in recent decades; an ongoing process of renewal and transformation bringing with it changes in priority, practice and role, as well as new expectations, philosophies, imperatives and tensions that continue to attract attention from those working in, and drawing upon, wide-ranging disciplines.

Museum Meanings presents new research that explores diverse aspects of the shifting social, cultural and political significance of museums and their agency beyond, as well as within, the cultural sphere. Interdisciplinary, cross-cultural and international perspectives and empirical investigation are brought to bear on the exploration of museums’ relationships with their various publics (and analysis of the ways in which museums shape – and are shaped by – such interactions).

Theoretical perspectives might be drawn from anthropology, cultural studies, art and art history, learning and communication, media studies, architecture and design and material culture studies, amongst others. Museums are understood very broadly – including art galleries, historic sites and other cultural heritage institutions – as are their relationships with diverse constituencies.

The Series Editors invite proposals that explore the political and social significance of museums and their ethical implications. If you have an idea for a book that you think would be appropriate for the series, then please contact the Series Editors to discuss further.

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Recoding the Museum Digital Heritage and the Technologies of Change

Recoding the Museum: Digital Heritage and the Technologies of Change

1st Edition

By Ross Parry
December 03, 2007

Why has it taken so long to make computers work for the museum sector? And why are museums still having some of the same conversations about digital technology that they began back in the late 1960s? Does there continue to be a basic ‘incompatibility’ between the practice of the museum and the ...

Rethinking Evolution in the Museum Envisioning African Origins

Rethinking Evolution in the Museum: Envisioning African Origins

1st Edition

By Monique Scott
December 03, 2007

Rethinking Evolution in the Museum explores the ways diverse natural history museum audiences imagine their evolutionary heritage. In particular, the book considers how the meanings constructed by audiences of museum exhibitions are a product of dynamic interplay between museum iconography and ...

Museum Texts Comunication Frameworks

Museum Texts: Comunication Frameworks

1st Edition

By Louise Ravelli
January 20, 2006

Answering key questions in the study of how museums communicate, Louise Ravelli provides a set of frameworks to investigate the complexities of communication in museums: * What is an appropriate level of complexity for a written label?* Why do some choice in language make a more direct relation to ...

Reshaping Museum Space

Reshaping Museum Space

1st Edition

Edited By Suzanne Macleod
July 19, 2005

Reshaping Museum Space pulls together the views of an international group of museum professionals, architects, designers and academics highlights the complexity, significance and malleability of museum space,  and provides reflections upon recent developments in museum architecture and ...

Pasts Beyond Memory Evolution, Museums, Colonialism

Pasts Beyond Memory: Evolution, Museums, Colonialism

1st Edition

By Tony Bennett
July 01, 2004

Contributing to current debates on relationships between culture and the social, and the the rapidly changing practices of modern museums as they seek to shed the legacies of both evolutionary conceptions and colonial science, this important new work explores how evolutionary museums developed in ...

Museums, Society, Inequality

Museums, Society, Inequality

1st Edition

Edited By Richard Sandell
March 15, 2002

Museums, Society, Inequality explores the wide-ranging social roles and responsibilities of the museum. It brings together international perspectives to stimulate critical debate, inform the work of practitioners and policy makers, and to advance recognition of the purpose, responsibilities and ...

Re-Imagining the Museum Beyond the Mausoleum

Re-Imagining the Museum: Beyond the Mausoleum

1st Edition

By Andrea Witcomb
December 30, 2002

Re-Imagining the Museum presents new interpretations of museum history and contemporary museum practices. Through a range of case studies from the UK, North America and Australia, Andrea Witcomb moves away from the idea that museums are always 'conservative' to suggest they have a long history of ...

Learning in the Museum

Learning in the Museum

1st Edition

By George E. Hein
April 21, 1998

Learning in the Museum examines major issues and shows how research in visitor studies and the philosophy of education can be applied to facilitate a meaningful educational experience in museums. Hein combines a brief history of education in public museums, with a rigorous examination of how the ...

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