1st Edition

Nanoscale Liquid Interfaces Wetting, Patterning and Force Microscopy at the Molecular Scale

Edited By Thierry Ondarçuhu, Jean-Pierre Aimé Copyright 2013
    780 Pages 33 Color & 251 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    This book addresses the recent developments in the investigation and manipulation of liquids at the nanoscale. This new field has shown important breakthroughs on the basic understanding of physical mechanisms involving liquid interfaces, which led to applications in nanopatterning. It has also consequences in force microscopy imaging in liquid environment. The book proposes is a timely review of these various aspects. It is co-authored by 25 among the most prominent scientists in the field.

    Interfaces and Nanowetting
    Liquid structuration at solid–liquid interface: S. Jarvis
    Wetting, roughness and hydrodynamic slip:
    O. Vinogradova
    Wetting phenomena at nanometer scale:
    S. Dietrich, M. Rauscher M. Napiorkowski
    Droplets morphology at nanometer scale: A. Checco
    Nanomeniscus mechanical properties:
    JP Aimé, R. Boisgard T. Ondarçuhu
    Liquid films in total wetting and liquid crystals:
    AM Cazabat
    Stability of thin liquid films:
    G. Reiter
    Surface nanobubbles:
    D. Lohse
    Wetting in/of nanotubes and channels:
    D. Mattia
    N. Tas

    Applications in Nanopatterning
    Manipulation of liquid nanodrops
    : T. Ondarçuhu, E. Dujardin
    Capillary assembly of nanoparticles: L. Malaquin
    Unconventional wet lithography: F. Biscarini
    Meniscus alignment of DNA and carbon nanotubes:
    C. Khripin, M. Zheng, A. Jagota
    Nanostructuration through nanomeniscus electrochemistry:
    R. Garcia.

    AFM in liquids, molecular resolution on complex biosystems
    Theory: AFM dynamic in liquid
    Cantilever oscillating properties in liquid
    . J.E. Sader
    Cantilever oscillating properties at proximity of a surface; Hydrodynamic interaction
    R. Boisgard, JP Aimé
    High harmonic imaging:
    R. Garcia
    Imaging physical properties of complex systems:
    A. Raman
    Experiences: High resolution, proteins structures and membranes
    AFM Molecular resolution on native membrane:
    S. Scheuring
    AFM Molecular resolution on self assembled and biological system:
    T. Fukuma
    High Speed AFM: T. Ando
    Evanescent waves: particulates absorbates:
    D. Johannsmann


    Thierry Ondarcuhu, Jean-Pierre Aime