Neurosteroid Effects in the Central Nervous System : The Role of the GABA-A Receptor book cover
1st Edition

Neurosteroid Effects in the Central Nervous System
The Role of the GABA-A Receptor

Edited By

Sheryl S. Smith

ISBN 9780849323928
Published October 27, 2003 by CRC Press
408 Pages 10 Color & 66 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

Our understanding of the ways that neuroactive steroids act in the brain has been increased by transgenic approaches, recombinant expression systems, higher resolution electrophysiological paradigms, and the development of technology to localize receptors. Recent behavioral studies examining the effects of steroids on mood, seizure susceptibility, reproductive function, and sensorimotor control have shed new light on this complex field and inspired exciting developments.

Neurosteroid Effects in the Central Nervous System: The Role of the GABAA Receptor presents a complete overview of the effects of neuroactive steroids in the brain, describes new methods for investigating these effects, and features the latest theories on steroid action in the central nervous system, with emphasis on the GABAA receptor. The text discusses techniques for receptor localization and quantification, recombinant expression systems to identify steroid-responsive receptor isoforms, the use of transgenic/antisense strategies to determine steroid effects on neuronal circuits and behavior, and techniques to examine the cellular effects of steroid action in the brain. The material covers the range of steroid action on such end points as mood, cognition, epilepsy, neuroprotection, and learning/plasticity, and it describes methods using molecular, electrophysiological, and behavioral techniques to link cellular mechanisms of steroid action with behavioral effects.

This timely compilation provides important insight into the possibilities for steroid effects on the central nervous system. It will appeal to the clinical, behavioral, and molecular interests of research scientists, clinicians, and students interested in broadening their knowledge about neurosteroid effects with relevance to premenstrual syndrome and post-partum changes.

Table of Contents

Contents Introduction
Synthesis, enzyme localization, and regulation of neurosteroids,
Synthia H. Mellon
Subunit specificity of steroid modulation of GABAA receptors, R.W. Olsen, E. Cagetti and M. Wallner
THDOC and the GABA-A receptor, S. Vicini
Neurosteoid modulation of delta subunit-containing GABAA receptor channels, M.T. Bianchi and R.L. Macdonald
Potentiation and inhibition of GABAA receptor function by neuroactive steroids, L.N. Eisenman, Y. He, D.F. Covey, C.F. Zorumski, S. Zorumski, and S. Mennerick
Anabolic androgenic steroids and the brain: Novel actions at the GABAA receptor and on GABAA receptor mediated behaviors, A.S. Clark, B.L. Jones, P. Yang, and L. Henderson
Withdrawal effects of a neuroactive steroid as a model of PMS: Synaptic physiology to behavior, S. Smith
GABA, estrogen, and sex differences in the brain, M.M. McCarthy, J.L. Nunez, and T.S. Perrot-Sinal
FGIN-1-X--A series of novel specific and efficacious ligands for the peripheral benzodiazepine receptor, E,M. Skowronski-Lutz and D, Bitran
GABAergic neuroactive steroids modulate selective ethanol actions: mechanisms and significance, A.L, Morrow, R, Khisti, S, Tokunaga, J,R. McDaniel, and D.B. Matthews
Allopregnanolone modulates the action of ethanol and stress on the activity of mesocortical dopaminergic neurons and HPA axis, G. Biggio, L. Dazzi, and M. Serra
3a, 5a-THP's actions in the ventral tegmental area for lordosis: A model system for defining mechanisms and function of progestins, C.A. Frye and S.M. Petralia
Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, I. Sundstrom-Poromaa
Role of neurosteroids in epilepsy, Z. Mtchedlishvili and J. Kapur
Animal models of anxiety and stress-induced behavior: Effects of neuroactive steroids, D.A. Finn, R.H. Purdy and G.F. Koob
Direct modulation of amino acid receptors by neuroactive steroids: Physiological and pharmacological Implications, T.T. Gibbs and D. Farb
On the neurosteroid mechanisms of action and their clinical potentials, Y. Akwa and E. Baulieu

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Smith\, Sheryl S.


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