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New Interdisciplinary Approaches to Early Modern Culture: Confluences and Contexts

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This interdisciplinary series publishes manuscripts from a wide range of fields, including but not limited to literature, history, art history, musicology, philosophy, religion and political science, in order to cultivate a truly multifaceted understanding of the early modern period. This series offers innovative scholarship that models interdisciplinary methodologies to emerging scholars and students and publishes books that show how paradigm shifts in knowledge happen when disciplines cross-fertilize and share the fruits of their labor. 

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Music and Power in Early Modern Spain Harmonic Spheres of Influence

Music and Power in Early Modern Spain: Harmonic Spheres of Influence

1st Edition


By Timothy M. Foster
November 30, 2021

This book explores the representation of music in early modern Spanish literature and reveals how music was understood within the framework of the Harmony of the Spheres, emanating from cosmic harmony as directed by the creator. The Harmony of Spheres was not ideologically neutral, but rather tied...

Women Talk Back to Shakespeare Contemporary Adaptations and Appropriations

Women Talk Back to Shakespeare: Contemporary Adaptations and Appropriations

1st Edition


By Jo Eldridge Carney
October 28, 2021

This study explores more recent adaptations published in the last decade whereby women—either authors or their characters—talk back to Shakespeare in a variety of new ways. "Talking back to Shakespeare", a term common in intertextual discourse, is not a new phenomenon, particularly in literature. ...

Kingship, Madness, and Masculinity on the Early Modern Stage Mad World, Mad Kings

Kingship, Madness, and Masculinity on the Early Modern Stage: Mad World, Mad Kings

1st Edition


Edited By Christina Gutierrez-Dennehy
September 30, 2021

Kingship, Madness, and Masculinity examines representations of mad kings in early modern English theatrical texts and performance practices. Although there have been numerous volumes examining the medical and social dimensions of mental illness in the early modern period, and a few that have ...

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