1st Edition

New infotainment Technologies in the Home Demand-side Perspectives

    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    300 Pages
    by Routledge

    As the "information superhighway" moves into the home through interactive media, enhanced telecom services, and hybrid appliances, interest continually grows in how consumers adopt and use Information Technology (IT), the strategies IT marketers use to reach consumers, and the public policies that help and protect consumers. USE COPY FROM THIS POINT ON FOR GENERAL CATALOGS... This book presents a unique collection of papers dealing with the demand side issues of new information technologies in the home. The contributors are from business, academia, and the public policy sector and represent many disciplines including communication, marketing, economics, psychology, engineering, and information systems.

    This book provides one of the best introductions to complex issues such as:
    * business forces that will shape "Home IT" of the future;
    * industry structure of the future "Infotainment" mega-business;
    * factors affecting consumer adoption and use of IT;
    * international differences in the management of the IT sector; and
    * public policies that will shape the deployment and use of IT.

    Contents: Preface. R.R. Dholakia, N. Mundorf, N. Dholakia, Bringing Infotainment Home: Challenge & Choices. Part I: Managerial Perspectives. M. Samuelsson, Market Opportunities and Pitfalls for New Infotainment Technology in the Home. J. Carey, M. Elton, Forecasting Demand for New Consumer Services: Challenges and Alternatives. P.M. Orme, Developing Strategies for Broadband Services. R.R. Dholakia, Taking Movies-on-Demand to Market. Part II: User Perspectives. J. Bryant, C. Love, Entertainment as the Driver of New Information Technology. G.W. Cermak, An Approach to Mapping Entertainment Alternatives. C.F. Kaufman, P.M. Lane, Time and Technology: The Growing Nexus. N. Mundorf, S. Westin, Adoption of Information Technology: Contributing Factors. A.F. Firat, Literacy in the Age of New Information Technologies. Part III: Policy Perspectives. J.J. Malachowski, Telecommunications Policy and Economic Development: A Regulatory Perspective. W.H. Dutton, Electronic Service Delivery in the Public Sector: Lessons From Innovations in the United States. C. Steinfield, Creating an Electronic Information Services Marketplace in the United States. J.C. Thomas, The Long-Term Social Implications of New Information Technology.


    Ruby Roy Dholakia, Norbert Mundorf, Nikhilesh Dholakia

    "What a wonder. A book that delivers on its title. In spades. In a compendium of 14 papers from varied authors we have much needed thinking and material on the acceptance, demand, forecasting methods and drivers for home infotainment growth viewed from the demand-side."

    "Although the book does not deal with the Internet, 'many of the conceptual and analytical frameworks presented here are clearly applicable broadly to all information technologies.'"
    Communication Research Trends