1st Edition

Number in the Nursery and Infant School

By Evelyn E. Kenwrick Copyright 1937

    Originally published in 1937, Number in the Nursery and Infant School surveys the teachings of Froebel, Montessori and Dewey, the prevalent theories in education at the time, and takes elements from each in order to outline a new method. The author was closely associated with infant-school work over a number of years. She also trained teachers for that purpose, carefully observing the results of different methods of teaching. The method described was in full accord with modern psychological theory of the time, today it can be read and enjoyed in its historical context.

    Preface.  Note.  1. General Principles  2. Number in the Nursery School, Three-Five Years  3. Number Arising from Projects  4. Number as Subject  5. The Measuring Unit 12  6. The Measuring Unit 12 (continued)  7. Weights and Measures  8. Fractions  9. Notation  10. Addition and Subtraction of Larger Numbers  11. Addition and Subtraction of Money  12. Multiplication Tables  13. Multiplication and Division  14. Some Practical Suggestions.  Conclusion.  Index.


    Evelyn E. Kenwrick