1st Edition

Nutrition, Fertility, and Human Reproductive Function

Edited By Kelton Tremellen, Karma Pearce Copyright 2015
    416 Pages 23 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    One in six couples around the world experience infertility. Before undertaking expensive and intrusive assisted reproductive treatment such as in vitro fertilization, many seek advice from their physicians or dietitians on what foods and supplements might enhance their fertility. But health practitioners are often ill equipped to provide dietary recommendations in a scientifically based manner. Nutrition, Fertility, and Human Reproductive Function provides a comprehensive guide to clinicians on how they can best advise their patients to optimise fertility and reproductive function through optimal nutrition.

    Taking a holistic or "whole-of-life" approach, the book reviews the role of nutrition in human fertility and explores its effect on male and female reproductive physiology. Problem-orientated topics are arranged in chapters that each cover a specific clinical topic of interest, allowing easy reference by the practicing clinician. From the female perspective, the book covers the role of nutrition on essential reproductive processes such as ovulation, early embryo development, implantation, and sexual function, together with nutrition’s influence on the duration of the reproductive life span. In the male context, it examines the effect of nutrition on hormone and sperm production as well as sexual function. The book also includes information on evidence-based complementary health approaches such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and naturopathy.

    This book draws on the wide experience of several respected leaders in clinical nutrition who combine research expertise with clinical insight. The information contained herein will enable clinicians to make the best recommendations for their patients for optimising fertility.

    Nutrition and Ovulatory Function
    Audrey J. Gaskins, and Myriam C. Afeiche

    The Role of Diet and Lifestyle Modification in the Treatment of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome
    Rebecca L. Thomson, Helena J. Teede, Nigel K. Stepto, Lauren K. Banting, and Lisa J. Moran

    Macronutrient Intake, Fertility, and Pregnancy Outcome
    Tarek El-Toukhy and Amira Osman

    The Role of Micronutrients in the Prevention of Congenital Anomalies in the Fetus and Optimization of Pregnancy Outcomes
    Zohra S. Lassi, Dania Mallick, and Zulfiqar A. Bhutta

    A Review of the Pivotal Studies Supporting the Use of Periconceptional Multivitamins in the Prevention of Congenital Abnormalities
    Andrew E. Czeizel, Istvan Dudás, and Atilla Vereczkey

    Maternal Nutrition and Its Influence on the Health of the Next Generation: The "Developmental Origins Hypothesis"
    Hitomi Okubo, Siân M. Robinson, and Keith M. Godfrey

    Chinese Herbal Supplements and the Treatment of Female Infertility
    Karin Ried and Clare Pyers

    Nutritional and Dietary Interventions for Menopause
    Sheila M. Wicks and Gail B. Mahady

    The Effect of Obesity on Male Reproductive Function
    Nathalie Sermondade, Charlotte Dupont, Celine Faure, and Rachel Levy

    Nutrition and Sperm Function
    Myriam C. Afeiche, Audrey J. Gaskins, and Jorge E. Chavarro

    Nutritional Supplementation for the Treatment of Male Infertility
    Saad Alshahrani, Ashok Agarwal, David Collins, and Sebo Ling Wang

    The Role of Nutrition in Male Sexual Function
    Joan Khoo, Richard Y. T. Chen, and Gary A. Wittert

    The Role of Nutrition in Optimizing Assisted Reproductive Technology Treatment Outcomes
    Deirdre Zander-Fox and Hassan W. Bakos

    Naturopathic Treatments for Infertility and Reproductive Disorders
    Leah N. Hechtman and Joseph E. Pizzorno

    Appendix A: Recommended Dietary Intake for Macro- and Micronutrients for Various Countries

    Appendix B: Websites for the Key Position Statements on Diet and Fertility


    Kelton Tremellen is a professor of reproductive medicine at Flinders University and a clinical director at a private reproductive medicine unit in Adelaide, South Australia. His research interests include male infertility, recurrent miscarriage, and diminished ovarian reserve, with a key focus being on the role that nutrition plays in reproduction. Dr. Tremellen is the inventor of Menevit®, a novel fertility supplement marketed for improving sperm health in Australia and New Zealand by Bayer Consumer Care. Dr. Tremellen is also the author of numerous research articles and book chapters in the field of reproductive medicine and is a regular invited speaker at conferences on reproductive medicine.

    Karma Pearce is a senior lecturer in nutrition and food sciences, University of South Australia. She has an active research interest in the role of nutrition in both diabetes and reproduction. She has also researched and consulted with a number of disadvantaged minority groups in both Australia and India on the role of nutrition and health literacy in improving population health outcomes. She has authored several research papers on these subjects.