1st Edition

Optimization for Communications and Networks

By Poompat Saengudomlert Copyright 2011
    220 Pages 64 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    This book provides an introduction to optimization theory and its applications. It is written for senior undergraduate students and first-year graduate students of telecommunication and related fields. Most applications pertain to communication and network problems. The book has practical examples to accompany rigorous discussion so that the reader may develop intuitive understanding on relevant concepts. The materials have been developed from course notes. By attempting to cover convex, linear, and integer optimization for a one-semester course, the author focuses on fundamental concepts and techniques rather than trying to be comprehensive. Infact, the book is written with the main intention to serve as a bridge for students with no prior background in optimization to be able to access more advanced books on the subject later on.

    List of Figures
    Components of Optimization Problems
    Classes of Optimization Problems
    Convex Optimization
    Convex Sets and Convex Functions
    Properties of Convex Optimization
    Further Properties of Convex Sets
    Dual Problems
    Lagrange Multipliers
    Primal-Dual Optimality Conditions
    Sensitivity Analysis
    Notes on Maximization Problems
    Numerical Algorithms for Unconstrained Optimization
    Numerical Algorithms for Constrained Optimization
    Application: Transmit Power Allocation
    Application: Minimum Delay Routing
    Exercise Problems
    Linear Optimization
    Illustrative Example
    Properties of Linear Optimization Problems
    Simplex Algorithm
    Duality for Linear Optimization
    Application: Minimum Cost Routing 983.6 Application: Maximum Lifetime Routing in a WSN
    Exercise Problems
    Integer Linear Optimization
    Illustrative Examples
    Cutting-Plane Algorithm
    Duality for Integer Linear Optimization
    Heuristics for Integer Linear Optimization
    Application: RWA in a WDM Network
    Application: Network Topology Design
    Exercise Problems
    Appendix A: Reviews of Related Mathematics
    Review of Linear Algebra
    Review of Analysis
    Appendix B: Solutions to Exercise Problems
    Appendix C: Octave Commands for Optimization
    Minimum Cost Routing
    Maximum Lifetime Routing in a WSN
    RWA in a WDM Network
    Network Topology Design


    Saengudomlert\, Poompat