1st Edition

Peptide Biosynthesis and Processing

ISBN 9780849388521
Published July 24, 1991 by CRC Press
312 Pages

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Book Description

This book provides a comprehensive review of the field of peptide biosynthesis. Individual chapters range from historical perspectives of the field to current knowledge regarding specific enzymes. Every step from gene to final bioactive peptide is covered in detail. Approximately two thirds of the book reviews the enzymes responsible for intracellular and extracellular peptide processing. Other chapters cover issues such as tissue-specific processing and the subcellular sorting of the peptides. New areas covered include the discovery, purification, characterization, and cDNA cloning of peptide processing enzymes involved with endopeptidase processing, carboxypeptidase processing, and C-terminal amidation; identification of the mammalian KEX-2 (subtilisin-like) family of proteases; identification of a second enzyme involved in C-terminal amidation; and the characterization of regulatory elements in neuropeptide genes and the associated DNA-binding proteins, such as CREB and related proteins, in addition to the Pit-1/GHF-1 family of proteins. The book's extensive coverage and 1000 references make it important reading material for new and established researchers in this rapidly expanding field.

Table of Contents

The Biosynthesis of Biologically Active Peptides: A Perspective (Donald F. Steiner). Themes in Neuropeptide Gene Regulation (Carolyn D. Minth and Jack E. Dixon). Signals for Intracellular Protein Sorting: Implications for Peptide Hormone Precursor Processing and Secretion (Dennis Shields). Tissue-Specific Peptide Processing (Ian Dickerson and Gilles Noël). Glycosylation, Phosphorylation, and Sulfation of Peptide Hormones and Their Precursors (Hugh P.J. Bennett). Peptide Processing Proteinases with Selectivity for Paired Basic Residues (Iris Lindberg and John C. Hutton). Peptide Processing at Monobasic Sites (Lakshmi Devi). Peptide Processing Exopeptidases: Amino- and Carboxypeptidases Involved with Peptide Biosynthesis (Lloyd D. Fricker). Modification of the N- and C-Termini of Bioactive Peptides: Amidation and Acetylation (Alan F. Bradbury and Derek G. Smyth). Extracellular Processing of Peptides (Chris J. Molineaux and Sherwin Wilk).

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