1st Edition

Perspectives on Learning Assessment in the Arts in Higher Education Supporting Transparent Assessment across Artistic Disciplines

Edited By Diane Leduc, Sébastien Béland Copyright 2022
    327 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    327 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Drawing on theoretical and empirical insights from art teachers in Canada and Europe, this edited volume explores the question of how learning in the arts can be effectively and fairly assessed in the context of higher education.

    The chapters consider a rich variety of assessment practices across music, visual and plastic arts, performing arts, design, fashion, dance and music and illustrate how knowledge, competencies, skills and progress can be viably and fairly assessed. Contextual challenges to assessment are also considered in depth, and particular attention is paid to the challenges of reconciling teaching in the arts, aimed at an intuitive transformation of the student, and assessing learning that takes on its meaning in subjectivity and sensitivity.

    This text will benefit researchers, academics and educators in higher education with an interest in assessment in the artistic disciplines and in the topic of creativity more broadly. Those specifically interested in educational assessment policy and the visual arts will also benefit from this book.


    Diane Leduc and Sébastien Béland

    PART ONE: Fundamental perspectives: About subjectivity and intentionality

    Chapter 1. The Ethics of Assessing Learning in the Arts

    Denis Jeffrey and Lorna Boily

    Chapter 2. Objectifying Subjectivity

    François-Marie Gerard

    Chapter 3. The Problem of Authorship: A Thorn in the Side of Assessment

    Dina Zoe Belluigi


    PART TWO: Broader Perspectives: From the audition to the graduation

    Chapter 4. From Competitions to Examinations: An Analysis based on a Range of Practices and Artistic Assessment Criteria in France, Switzerland, and Albania

    Isabelle Mili

    Chapter 5. The Assessment of Instrumental Learning in Classical Music in Francophone Canada and Europe
    Isabelle Héroux and Laurence Lambert-Chan

    Chapter 6. From Fail to First: Revising Assessment Criteria in Art and Design

    Robert Harland and Phil Sawdon


    PART THREE: Overlapping perspectives: Between the fear and the wow!

    Chapter 7. Should We Fear Assessment in the Arts?

    Charles Hadji

    Chapter 8. Assessing Creativity in Three College Programs
    Angela Mastracci

    Chapter 9. The Wow Factors: The Assessment of Practical Media and Creative Arts Subjects

    Janey Gordon


    PART FOUR: Applied perspectives: Of competencies and practices

    Chapter 10. Assessing Competencies in Visual Arts: The Case of Francophone Europe

    Bernard-André Gaillot

    Chapter 11. Development and Assessment of Creative Competency in Visual Art and Dance

    Pierre Gosselin, Sylvie Fortin, Elaine St-Denis, Sylvie Trudelle, Francine Gagnon-Bourget, and Serge Murphy

    Chapter 12. The Assessment of Creative Competency in the Visual Arts in Québec Universities and Colleges

    Pierre Gosselin, Elaine St-Denis, Sylvie Fortin, Sylvie Trudelle, Francine Gagnon-Bourget, and Serge Murphy

    Chapter 13. The Assessment of Creative Competency in Contemporary Dance in Québec

    Colleges and Universities: What the teachers have to say about it

    Sylvie Fortin, Sylvie Trudelle, Pierre Gosselin, Elaine St-Denis, and Serge Murphy

    Chapter 14. Using the Portfolio as a Tool for Assessment in the Arts

    Martin Mainguy

    Chapter 15. Assessing Practices in Four Postsecondary Performing Arts Institutions in Montreal

    Diane Leduc and Laurence Lambert-Chan


    Diane Leduc is Full Professor in the Didactics Department at the University of Quebec in Montréal, Canada.

    Sébastien Béland is Associate Professor in the Department of Educational Policy and Foundations at the University of Montréal, Canada.