1st Edition

Pioneering Perspectives in Cooperative Learning Theory, Research, and Classroom Practice for Diverse Approaches to CL

Edited By Neil Davidson Copyright 2021
    284 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    284 Pages 10 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Offering first-hand insights from the early originators of Cooperative Learning (CL), this volume documents the evolution of CL, illustrating its historical and contemporary research, and highlights the personal experiences which have helped inspire and ground this concept.

    Each of the chapters in Pioneering Perspectives in Cooperative Learning foregrounds a key approach to CL, and documents the experiences, research, and fruitful collaborations which have shaped and driven their development. Contributions from leading scholars include Aronson, Davidson, Kagan, Johnson & Johnson, Schmuck, the Sharans, Slavin and Madden, as well as retrospective pieces on the work of Deutsch and Cohen. These chapters detail the historical development of cooperative learning, cooperation versus competition, and cover major approaches including the jigsaw classroom; complex instruction; the learning together model, and several more. Chapters include qualitative, personal, and retrospective accounts, whereby authors outline the research and theory which underpins each approach while highlighting practical strategies for classroom implementation.

    This text will primarily be of interest to professors, researchers, scholars, and doctorial students with an interest in the theory of learning, educational research, and educational and social psychology more broadly. Practitioners of CL with an interest in varied forms of small group learning and classroom practice, as well as those interested in the history and sociology of education, will also benefit from the volume.

    Chapter 1. Introduction to Pioneering Perspectives in Cooperative Learning

    Neil Davidson

    Chapter 2. The Legacy of Morton Deutsch: Theories of Cooperation, Conflict, and Justice

    Laurel Stevahn

    Chapter 3. Learning Together and Alone: The History of Our Involvement in Cooperative Learning

    David W. Johnson and Roger T. Johnson 

    Chapter 4. Complex Instruction for Diverse and Equitable Classrooms: In Loving Memory of Elizabeth Cohen

    Rachel A. Lotan and Nicole Holthuis

    Chapter 5. The Structural Approach and Kagan Structures
    Spencer Kagan

    Chapter 6. Student Team Learning and Success for All: A Personal History and Overview

    Robert E. Slavin and Nancy A. Madden

    Chapter 7. The Jigsaw Classroom: A Personal Odyssey into a Systemic National Problem

    Elliot Aronson

    Chapter 8. Design for Change: A Teacher Education Project for Cooperative Learning and Group Investigation in Israel

    Yael Sharan and Shlomo Sharan

    Chapter 9. About Richard Schmuck’s Contributions to the Study of Organization Development and Cooperation in Education

    Richard Arends, Neil Davidson, and Richard Schmuck

    Chapter 10. Cooperative Learning in Mathematics and Beyond

    Neil Davidson

    Chapter 11. Synthesis of CL approaches and a multi-faceted rationale for CL – past, present, and future

    Neil Davidson


    Neil Davidson is Professor Emeritus of Teaching and Learning at the University of Maryland, US.