350 Pages 50 B/W Illustrations
    by Jenny Stanford Publishing

    Atomic correlations have been studied in physics for over 50 years and known as collective effects until recently when they came to be recognized as a source of entanglement. This is the first book that contains detailed and comprehensive analysis of two currently extensively studied subjects of atomic and quantum physics—atomic correlations and their relations to entanglement between atoms or atomic systems—along with the newest developments in these fields.

    This book assembles accounts of many phenomena related to or resulting from atomic correlations. The essential language of the book is in terms of density matrices and master equations that provide detailed theoretical treatments and experimental analysis of phenomena such as entanglement between atoms, spontaneously or externally induced atomic coherence, engineering of atomic correlations, storage and controlled transfer of correlations, and dynamics of correlated systems.

    General Description and Quantization of the EM Field. Hamiltonians for Quantum Optics. Detection of the EM Field. Representations of the EM Field. Photon Phase Operator. Squeezed States of Light. Phase Space Representations of the Density Operator. Single-Mode Interaction. Open Quantum Systems. Heisenberg Equations of Motion. Dressed Atom Model. Fokker-Planck Equation. Quantum Trajectory Theory. Interaction-Free Measurements. Classical and Quantum Interference. Atom-Atom Entanglement and the Bell States. Classical and Quantum Lithography. Laser Model in the High-Q Limit. Input-Output Theory. Motion of Atoms in a Laser Field.


    Zbigniew Ficek, Mohamed Ridza Wahiddin

    "Ficek and Wahiddin provide a comprehensive introduction to the principal ideas and methods of quantum optics. The crisp text is complemented with a solid set of problems to exercise the beginner and a good sampling of references."

    Prof. Howard Carmichael, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

    "Most beginners in quantum optics will not have the privilege I had of being taught the subject personally by Dr. Zbigniew Ficek, but fortunately they can now read an excellent book that captures his invaluable ability to present any new topic from several different conceptual angles."

    Prof. Terence Rudolph, Imperial College, London

    "The book Quantum Optics for Beginners covers broad range of topics in the rapidly developing areas of research, giving an elegant and comprehensive presentation of the particular subject, illustrating it with detailed examples and supplementing with a number of exercises. This is the book I would like to have at hand."

    Prof. Ryszard Tanaś, Adam Mickiewicz University, Poznan

    "The book is a welcome addition to the extended literature on quantum optics since it is addressed to newcomers in this exciting and continuously developing field. A particularly useful feature of the book is the systematic effort of the authors to highlight the connection of the presented material with experimental results and the fundamentals of research topics that emerged as particularly promising and rapidly developing in recent years."

    Dr. Omar M. Al-dossary, King Saud University, Saudi Arabia