1st Edition

Reshaping Teaching in Higher Education A Guide to Linking Teaching with Research

    226 Pages
    by Routledge

    224 Pages
    by Routledge

    Linking research with teaching is one of the main topics in the educational development world. This practice based guide shows how academic research activity can be connected to academic teaching activity, to ensure that neither operates in a vacuum - and each can be enhanced by the other.
    Addressing issues at the individual, course and institutional level, and written for an international readership, this will be a key book for course leaders and educational developers.

    Chapter 1 Overview: reshaping teaching in higher education to support the links between teaching and research; Chapter 2 What research and scholarship tell us about teaching-research relationships in higher education; Chapter 3 Academic research and student motivation in higher education; Chapter 4 Designing the curriculum to link teaching and research; Chapter 5 Organizing the institution to link teaching and research; Chapter 6 Organiing the department to link teaching and research; Chapter 7 Organizing the national and international administration of higher education to link teaching and research; References; Further reading; Index;


    Alan Jenkins, Rosanna Breen, Roger Lindsay, Angela Brew

    'This book is readable, well researched, timely, thought-provoking and practical ... The book would certainly serve the purpose of raising key policy, curriculum and pedagogic debates in any department or institution. It would be particularly useful in staff development and enhancement courses such as PG CERT HE and other courses developed for new university tutors.' - Escalate

    'The book puts forward practical suggestions and flexible tools that will be of interest to individual staff, course teams, departments, institutions and policy makers alike.' - Higher Education Digest

    'I strongly recommend this book to anyone looking for an imaginative way forward for their university's and their own management of teaching and research activities. This book nicely balances a scholarly case for creating and designing productive links between research and teaching with suggestions and illustrations as to how to do this.' - Studies in Higher Education

    'This text will make interesting and easy reading for anyone interested in developing their own teaching practice, particularly if struggling to reconcile the roles of teaching and research in their careers - Association of Clinical Pathologists News

    'With a wealth of suggested strategies and an abundance of supporting examples, this book is a useful road map for any individual, department, or institution wanting to enhance the relationship between teaching and research and its impact on student learning. The review of the research, which challenges commonly accepted myths and demonstrates the need for further research, is probably the most enlightening part of the book.' - Elizabeth Normandy, University of North Carolina at Pembroke

    'This is a timely book ... There is a strong theoretical base and many ideas in this book, all of which are accessible and not embedded in a morass of jargon. There is a reassuring level of scholarship underpinning the material.' - Gordon Suddaby, Higher Education Review