1st Edition

Resource Based Learning

By Sally Brown, Brenda Smith Copyright 1996
    160 Pages
    by Routledge

    by Routledge

    Resource-based learning has emerged as a response to the changing expectations of students. This text provides strategies for its implementation, development evaluation and discusses the implications for resource centres.

    Chapter 1 Introducing Resources for Learning, Sally Brown, Brenda Smith; Chapter 2 Institutional Strategies for Implementing Resource-based Learning, Graham Gibbs; Chapter 3 Helping Students to Learn from Resources, Phil Race; Chapter 4 Helping Individual Staff to Develop and Implement Resource-based Learning, Chris Rust, James Wisdom; Chapter 5 Staff Development for Using Resource-based Learning, Sally Brown, Brenda Smith; Chapter 6 Implementing Computer-supported Resource-based Learning, Leslie Mapp; Chapter 7 Networking with Associated Providers Locally and Nationally: A Case Study, Andrew J Charlett; Chapter 8 Setting up Open Learning Resource Centres in Organizations: Learning from Experience in Industry, Amanda Scott; Chapter 9 Resourced-based Learning in an International Context, Nick Slope; Chapter 10 The Implications of Resource-based Learning for Libraries and Information Services, Charley Hardwick; Chapter 11 Integrating Multimedia Resource-based Learning into the Curriculum, Bernard Lisewski, Chris Settle; Chapter 12 Setting up a Resource-based Learning Centre for Staff to Provide Guidance and Support on Teaching and Learning Issues: A Case Study, Sally Brown, Tina Carr, Dorothy Bell; Chapter 13 Evaluation and a Culture of Learning, Mary Thorpe; Chapter 14 Marketing Resources for Learning, Eileen Elliott de Saez; Chapter 15 Conclusions, Sally Brown, Brenda Smith;


    Sally Brown, Brenda Smith