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Routledge Advances in Internationalizing Media Studies

About the Series

Through publishing comparative and region-specific studies, this series aims to bring Asian, Latin American, African, and Middle Eastern media and cultural studies scholarship to the English speaking world and--in addition-- to promote cutting edge research on the globalization of media, culture, and communication.

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Audience Studies A Japanese Perspective

Audience Studies: A Japanese Perspective

1st Edition

By Toshie Takahashi
May 16, 2011

This book theorizes the role of media and ICT in today’s media-rich global environment and introduces a new argument of audience complexity in an accessible and lively fashion.  Based on an ethnography of Japanese engagement with media and ICT in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area, Takahashi offers a...

Internationalizing Internet Studies Beyond Anglophone Paradigms

Internationalizing Internet Studies: Beyond Anglophone Paradigms

1st Edition

Edited By Gerard Goggin, Mark McLelland
January 26, 2010

This timely book offers a mapping of the Internet as it has developed and is used internationally, providing a lively and challenging examination of the Internet and Internet studies. There is much interest among scholars and researchers in understanding the place of the Internet in cultural, ...

Media Consumption and Everyday Life in Asia

Media Consumption and Everyday Life in Asia

1st Edition

Edited By Youna Kim
December 17, 2009

This book explores people’s everyday experience of the media in Asian countries in confrontation with huge social change and transition and the need to understand this phenomenon as it intersects with the media. It argues for the centrality of the media to Asian transformations in the era of ...

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