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Routledge Communication Series

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The Routledge Communication Series covers the breadth of the communication discipline, from interpersonal communication to public relations, offering textbooks, handbooks, and scholarly reference materials.

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Measuring Psychological Responses To Media Messages

Measuring Psychological Responses To Media Messages

1st Edition

Edited By Annie Lang
December 02, 2011

Characterized by its multi-level interdisciplinary character, communication has become a variable field -- one in which the level of analysis varies. This has had important ramifications for the study of communication because, to some extent, the questions one asks are determined by the methods one...

The Children's Television Community

The Children's Television Community

1st Edition

Edited By J. Alison Bryant
November 07, 2006

The Children’s Television Community presents a cutting-edge analysis of the children’s television community—the organizations, major players, and approaches to programming—and gives an overview of the history, current state, and future of children’s programming. ...

The Impact of International Television A Paradigm Shift

The Impact of International Television: A Paradigm Shift

1st Edition

Edited By Michael G. Elasmar
December 01, 2002

For several decades, cultural imperialism has been the dominant paradigm for conceptualizing, labeling, predicting, and explaining the effects of international television. It has been used as an unchallenged premise for numerous essays on the topic of imported television influence, despite the fact...

Underwriting 101 Selling College Radio

Underwriting 101: Selling College Radio

1st Edition

By Shyrl L. Plum
August 01, 2000

This media sales primer serves as a step-by-step manual to assist students in attaining sales proficiency and confidence. The author employs a practical, hands-on approach, enabling readers to develop valuable professional and interpersonal skills and to improve their options for obtaining sales ...

White News Why Local News Programs Don't Cover People of Color

White News: Why Local News Programs Don't Cover People of Color

1st Edition

By Don Heider
November 01, 2000

Is TV news racist? If the purpose of local news is to cover individual communities and to present issues of interest and concern to local audiences, why are local newscasts so similar in markets around the country? These are the questions that motivated Heider's research, leading to the development...

Constructing the Beginning Discourses of Creation Science

Constructing the Beginning: Discourses of Creation Science

1st Edition

By Simon Locke
October 01, 1998

In Constructing the Beginning, Simon Locke offers a new approach to considering the enigma of creation science, using the perspective of discourse analysis. Using the publications of the British Creation Science Movement to perform a detailed analysis of the creationist case, Locke demonstrates ...

Crime and Local Television News Dramatic, Breaking, and Live From the Scene

Crime and Local Television News: Dramatic, Breaking, and Live From the Scene

1st Edition

By Jeremy H. Lipschultz, Michael L. Hilt
June 01, 2002

This volume offers an analysis of crime coverage on local television, exploring the nature of local television news and the ongoing appeal of crime stories. Drawing on the perspectives of media studies, psychology, sociology, and criminology, authors Jeremy H. Lipschultz and Michael L. Hilt focus ...

Cultures in Conversation

Cultures in Conversation

1st Edition

By Donal Carbaugh
April 19, 2005

Cultures in Conversation introduces readers to the ethnographic study of intercultural and social interactions through the analysis of conversations in which various cultural orientations are operating. Author Donal Carbaugh presents his original research on conversation practices in England, ...

Managing Uncertainty in Organizational Communication

Managing Uncertainty in Organizational Communication

1st Edition

By Michael W. Kramer
April 24, 2013

In this book, Michael W. Kramer applies uncertainty reduction theory (URT)--a key theory in current communication scholarship--to the context of organizational communication. Examining URT and the range of research applicable to organizational settings, Kramer proposes a groundbreaking theory of ...

Media and the Make-Believe Worlds of Children When Harry Potter Meets Pokemon in Disneyland

Media and the Make-Believe Worlds of Children: When Harry Potter Meets Pokemon in Disneyland

1st Edition

By Maya Gotz, Dafna Lemish, Hyesung Moon, Amy Aidman
May 17, 2005

Media and the Make-Believe Worlds of Children offers new insights into children's descriptions of their invented or "make-believe" worlds, and the role that the children's experience with media plays in creating these worlds. Based on the results of a cross-cultural study conducted in the United ...

Qualitative Research in Journalism Taking It to the Streets

Qualitative Research in Journalism: Taking It to the Streets

1st Edition

Edited By Sharon Hartin Iorio
October 01, 2003

This volume highlights the integration of qualitative research methods into traditional journalism, offering new ways of expanding and enhancing news coverage. Designed for readers without prior experience in social science research, this collection presents a wide variety of qualitative techniques...

Sex in Advertising Perspectives on the Erotic Appeal

Sex in Advertising: Perspectives on the Erotic Appeal

1st Edition

Edited By Tom Reichert, Jacqueline Lambiase
December 01, 2002

Sex in Advertising: Perspectives on the Erotic Appeal is the first book to thoroughly tackle important issues about sex in advertising. What is it? Does it work? How does it affect individuals and society? Well-respected scholars and popular writers answer these questions as they address the ...

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