Routledge Contemporary Perspectives on Urban Growth, Innovation and Change

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Urban transformation affects various aspects of the physical, social, and economic spaces. This series contains monographs and edited collections that provide theoretically informed and interdisciplinary insights on the factors, patterns, processes and outcomes that facilitate or hinder urban development and transformation. Books within the series offer international and comparative perspectives from cities around the world, exploring how ‘new life’ may be brought to cities, and what the cities of future may look like.

Topics within the series may include: urban immigration and management, gender, sustainability and eco-cities, smart cities, technological developments and the impact on industry and on urban societies, cultural production and consumption in cities (including tourism, events and festivals), the marketing and branding of cities, and the role of various actors and policy makers in the planning and management of changing urban spaces.

If you are interested in submitting a proposal to the series please contact Faye Leerink, Commissioning Editor, [email protected]