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Routledge-Giappichelli Studies in Business and Management

About the Series

This series brings together the most significant works in Business, Economics and Finance by Italian authors that have been selected by the Giappichelli publishing house. It features cutting-edge research, addressing all of the major issues across a wide range of individual disciplines, helping to define and advance the field.

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The Firm and Territory An Organizational Perspective

The Firm and Territory: An Organizational Perspective

1st Edition


By Roberta Troisi
January 30, 2023

This book investigates the relationship between the firm and the territory, emphasizing the micro-organizational dimension and the interactions between actors at territorial level. Firstly, the book examines the particular features of the firm considering three key factors - structural design, ...

Digital Transformation and Knowledge Management

Digital Transformation and Knowledge Management

1st Edition

By Lucia Marchegiani
September 26, 2022

Knowledge capital is at the core of the socio-economic global system. Profit and not-for profit firms, institutions, and organizations, in general, face unique opportunities and threats related to knowledge management. Digital technologies and digital transformation offer a wide array of ...

Industry Dynamics and Industry 4.0 Drones for Remote Sensing Applications

Industry Dynamics and Industry 4.0: Drones for Remote Sensing Applications

1st Edition

By Bernardino Quattrociocchi, Mario Calabrese, Francesca Iandolo, Francesco Mercuri
July 20, 2022

The so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution has prompted companies to adapt to a new business paradigm based on digital interconnection and the ability to respond quickly to the needs of consumers and users. These conditions are closely related to the advent of digital technologies that enable the ...

Sustainability and Megaproject Development

Sustainability and Megaproject Development

1st Edition

Edited By Franca Cantoni, Edoardo Favari
July 08, 2022

Megaprojects, also referred to in the literature as Large Engineering Projects or Major Projects, are generally defined as large-scale investment initiatives worth 1b€/$ or more and, facing similar problems independent of the country where they are implemented and the industry they belong to. The ...

Banks and Business Networks Management, Governance and Financial Implications

Banks and Business Networks: Management, Governance and Financial Implications

1st Edition

By Josanco Floreani, Enrico Geretto, Maurizio Polato, Giulio Velliscig
June 30, 2022

While there is a vast amount of literature examining firm’s networks from an industrial organization perspective, the financial implications of networking remain underexplored. This book fills this gap, by investigating the phenomenon of business networks in the context of management and governance...

Redesigning Organizational Sustainability Through Integrated Reporting

Redesigning Organizational Sustainability Through Integrated Reporting

1st Edition

By Fabrizio Granà
May 30, 2022

This book explores the role of accounting and reporting practices, such as corporate and integrated reports, as organizations attempt to represent sustainability. By relying upon the case of a large international oil and gas company and its recent development of integrated reporting, this book ...

Defining, Measuring and Managing Consumer Experiences

Defining, Measuring and Managing Consumer Experiences

1st Edition

By Annarita Sorrentino
May 06, 2022

This book offers a comprehensive overview of the challenges that marketing faces in understanding, managing and measuring the dynamics of modern consumer behaviours and successfully managing the customer experience. The reader will gain a deeper knowledge of the approaches to consumer behaviour ...

System, Actor, and Process Keywords in Organization Studies

System, Actor, and Process: Keywords in Organization Studies

1st Edition

By Roberto Albano, Ylenia Curzi, Tommaso Fabbri
May 06, 2022

System, Actor and Process: Keywords in Organization Studies is intended as an epistemological ‘compass’ to navigate through the multifaceted key concepts typically used in organizational practice and research. The book illustrates thirty-four keywords using a tripartite structure: each keyword is ...

Socialist Economic Development in the 21st Century A Century after the Bolshevik Revolution

Socialist Economic Development in the 21st Century: A Century after the Bolshevik Revolution

1st Edition

By Alberto Gabriele, Elias Jabbour
March 03, 2022

Over a hundred years after the first socialist revolution broke the global monopoly of capitalism, a new class of socialist-oriented socioeconomic development is coming to the fore. Capitalism is still dominant worldwide, although its hegemony is no longer undisputed, and humankind is now faced ...

Foundations of Coopetition Strategy A Framework for Competition and Cooperation

Foundations of Coopetition Strategy: A Framework for Competition and Cooperation

1st Edition

By Anna Minà, Giovanni Battista Dagnino
December 31, 2021

This book disentangles the foundations of coopetition (i.e., concurrent competition and cooperation) by exploring in-depth the intellectual legacy of Eastern and Western perspectives. In particular, it detects the foundations of coopetition in three Chinese streams of thought; Confucianism, Taoism,...

Operations Management for Healthcare Organizations Theory, Models and Tools

Operations Management for Healthcare Organizations: Theory, Models and Tools

1st Edition

By Stefano Villa
November 17, 2021

Varying factors such as the aging of the population, the increasing burden of chronic conditions and the recent global pandemic have highlighted the need for a redesign of healthcare production processes. This book provides a useful framework to capture the necessary organizational conditions to ...

Computational Finance MATLAB® Oriented Modeling

Computational Finance: MATLAB® Oriented Modeling

1st Edition

By Francesco Cesarone
August 05, 2020

Computational finance is increasingly important in the financial industry, as a necessary instrument for applying theoretical models to real-world challenges. Indeed, many models used in practice involve complex mathematical problems, for which an exact or a closed-form solution is not available. ...

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