1st Edition

Routledge Library Editions: Early Years 15 Volume Set

    2790 Pages
    by Routledge

    This 15-volume set has titles originally published between 1929 and 1994 and is an array of scholarship on the early years of children, from birth to age seven. The set focuses on learning and education but also contains titles with perspectives on child development, parenting and various other issues in the area of early years. Individual volumes examine nurseries (both in the home and the school), playgroups, language development, teaching of mathematics and other curriculum subjects. This collection will be a great resource for those interested in the history of early years and education.

    1. The Role of Subject Knowledge in the Early Years of Schooling Carol Aubrey (Ed.) (1994) ISBN 978-1-032-34461-4

    2. Mathematics for Young Children: An Active Thinking Approach Marion H. Bird (1991) ISBN 978-1-032-36133-8

    3. Testing Children's Development from Birth to School Age Charlotte Buehler & Hildegard Hetzer (1935) ISBN 978-1-032-36419-3

    4. Margaret McMillan: Portrait of a Pioneer Elizabeth Bradburn (1989) ISBN 978-1-032-34989-3

    5. Nursery Life 300 Years Ago: The Story of a Dauphin of France, 1601-10. Taken from the Journal of Dr. Jean He├Čroard, Physician-in-Charge, and from Other Contemporary Sources Lucy Crump (1929) ISBN 978-1-032-35000-4

    6. The English Nursery School Phoebe E. Cusden (1938) ISBN 978-1-032-35725-6

    7. Play, Exploration and Learning: A Natural History of the Pre-school S. John Hutt, Stephen Tyler, Corinne Hutt & Helen Christopherson (1989) ISBN 978-1-032-34967-1

    8. The Verbal Games of Pre-school Children Susan Grohs Iwamura (1980) ISBN 978-1-032-35658-7

    9. Number in the Nursery and Infant School Evelyn E. Kenwrick (1937) ISBN 978-1-032-35667-9

    10. The Story of the Nursery Magdalen King-Hall (1958) ISBN 978-1-032-36763-7

    11. Educating Young Children: A Structural Approach Helen McAuley & Peter Jackson (1992) ISBN 978-1-032-34738-7

    12. Babies Growing Up: Their Progress from Before Birth Right through the Nursery Years Nurse McKay (1956) ISBN 978-1-032-35846-8

    13. Toys, Play and Discipline in Childhood Beatrix Tudor-Hart (1955) ISBN 978-1-032-34859-9

    14. First Episodes: Pupil Careers in the Early Years of School Stephen R. Waterhouse (1991) ISBN 978-1-032-35791-1

    15. Parents and Playgroups: A Study by the Pre-school Playgroups Association Pre-school Playgroups Association (1981) ISBN 978-1-032-34376-1


    Multivolume collection by various authors.