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Routledge Research in Gender, Sexuality, and Media

About the Series

The aim of this series is to publish original research in the areas of feminist and queer media studies, with a particular but not exclusive focus on gender and sexuality. In doing so, this series brings to the market cutting-edge critical work that refreshes, reshapes, and redirects scholarship in these related fields while contributing to a better global understanding of how gender and sexual politics operate within historical and current mediascapes.

Affirming the integrated, multiperspectival approach associated with Cultural Studies, the series publishes richly contextualized research that explores gender and sexual politics not only in media texts but also in the practices of media production and consumption. Media are defined broadly in this series, as the books within it expand beyond these fields' historical focus on film and television to engage with other forms of media, including video games, popular music, and digital media. Books in the series centering on current media culture also explore the complexly transmedial, convergent, and participatory nature of popular culture today. Gender is configured broadly in this series also, and a key contribution is a further complicating of how multiple, intersecting modes of identity impact media representation, as well as the creation, distribution, publicity, and consumption of mediated texts.

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North American Muslim Women Artists Talk Back Assertions of Unintelligibility

North American Muslim Women Artists Talk Back: Assertions of Unintelligibility

1st Edition

By Kenza Oumlil
January 29, 2024

This book focuses on the ways in which North American Muslim women artists "talk back" to dominant discourses about Muslim identity and work to counter mainstream stereotypes and representations. It examines the possibilities of constructing discourses of resistance to domination. Against a ...

LGBTQ Visibility, Media and Sexuality in Ireland

LGBTQ Visibility, Media and Sexuality in Ireland

1st Edition

By Páraic Kerrigan
August 01, 2022

This book traces the turbulent history of queer visibility in the Irish media to explore the processes by which a regionally based media system shaped queer identities within a highly conservative and religious population. The book details the emergence of an LGBTQ rights movement in Ireland and ...

Digital Media, Friendship and Cultures of Care

Digital Media, Friendship and Cultures of Care

1st Edition

By Paul Byron
May 30, 2022

This book explores how digital media can extend care practices among friends and peers, researching young people’s negotiations of sexual health, mental health, gender/sexuality, and dating apps, and highlighting the need for a multifocal approach that centres young people’s expertise. Taking an "...

Girls, Moral Panic and News Media Troublesome Bodies

Girls, Moral Panic and News Media: Troublesome Bodies

1st Edition

By Sharon Mazzarella
November 11, 2019

Mazzarella examines the representational politics behind journalistic constructions of US girls and girlhood through a series of contemporary in-depth case studies which work to document a wider cultural moral panic about the troublesome nature of girls’ bodies. The public concern and media ...

Queercore Queer Punk Media Subculture

Queercore: Queer Punk Media Subculture

1st Edition

By Curran Nault
July 12, 2019

Queercore is a queer and punk transmedia movement that was instigated in 1980s Toronto via the pages of the underground fanzine ("zine") J.D.s. Authored by G.B. Jones and Bruce LaBruce, J.D.s. declared "civil war" on the punk and gay and lesbian mainstreams, consolidating a subculture of likeminded...

Producing Queer Youth The Paradox of Digital Media Empowerment

Producing Queer Youth: The Paradox of Digital Media Empowerment

1st Edition

By Lauren S. Berliner
July 09, 2018

Producing Queer Youth challenges popular ideas about online media culture as a platform for empowerment, cultural transformation, and social progress. Based on over three years of participant action research with queer teen media-makers and textual analysis of hundreds of youth-produced videos and ...

Emergent Feminisms Complicating a Postfeminist Media Culture

Emergent Feminisms: Complicating a Postfeminist Media Culture

1st Edition

Edited By Jessalynn Keller, Maureen E. Ryan
February 27, 2018

Through twelve chapters that historicize and re-evaluate postfeminism as a dominant framework of feminist media studies, this collection maps out new modes of feminist media analysis at both theoretical and empirical levels and offers new insights into the visibility and circulation of feminist ...

Lifestyle Media in American Culture Gender, Class, and the Politics of Ordinariness

Lifestyle Media in American Culture: Gender, Class, and the Politics of Ordinariness

1st Edition

By Maureen E. Ryan
February 12, 2018

This book explores the emergence of "lifestyle" in the US, first as a term that has become an organizing principle for the self and for the structure of everyday life, and later as a pervasive form of media that encompasses a variety of domestic and self-improvement genres, from newspaper columns ...

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