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Routledge Studies in Epistemology

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The Routledge Studies in Epistemology series features monographs and edited collections on cutting-edge research topics in contemporary epistemology. It includes both new arguments on hot topics and new angles and innovative takes on established epistemological subjects. The series spans all areas of epistemology, including emerging issues in applied and social epistemology. It is a leading resource for scholars and graduate students looking for the newest and most important developments in epistemology.

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How Should We Rationally Deal with Ignorance? A Philosophical Study

How Should We Rationally Deal with Ignorance?: A Philosophical Study

1st Edition


By Nadja El Kassar
October 10, 2024

This book addresses two questions that are highly relevant for epistemology and for society: What is ignorance and how should we rationally deal with it? It proposes a new way of thinking about ignorance based on contemporary and historical philosophical theories. In the first part of the book, the...

Skeptical Invariantism Reconsidered

Skeptical Invariantism Reconsidered

1st Edition


Edited By Christos Kyriacou, Kevin Wallbridge
May 27, 2024

This collection of original essays explores the topic of skeptical invariantism in theory of knowledge. It eschews historical perspectives and focuses on this traditionally underexplored, semantic characterization of skepticism. The book provides a carefully structured, state-of-the-art overview of...

The Epistemic Injustice of Genocide Denialism

The Epistemic Injustice of Genocide Denialism

1st Edition

By Melanie Altanian
April 23, 2024

The injustice of genocide denial is commonly understood as a violation of the dignity of victims, survivors, and their descendants, and further described as an assault on truth and memory. This book rethinks the normative relationship between dignity, truth, and memory in relation to genocide ...

Misinformation, Content Moderation, and Epistemology Protecting Knowledge

Misinformation, Content Moderation, and Epistemology: Protecting Knowledge

1st Edition

By Keith Raymond Harris
April 19, 2024

This book argues that misinformation poses a multifaceted threat to knowledge, while arguing that some forms of content moderation risk exacerbating these threats. It proposes alternative forms of content moderation that aim to address this complexity while enhancing human epistemic agency. The ...

Digital Knowledge A Philosophical Investigation

Digital Knowledge: A Philosophical Investigation

1st Edition

By J. Adam Carter
January 31, 2024

Information we use to structure our lives is increasingly stored digitally, rather than in biomemory. (Just think: if your online calendar went down, would you know where you are supposed to be and at what time next week?) Likewise, with breakthroughs such as those from Google DeepMind and OpenAI, ...

Epistemic Dilemmas New Arguments, New Angles

Epistemic Dilemmas: New Arguments, New Angles

1st Edition

Edited By Kevin McCain, Scott Stapleford, Matthias Steup
January 29, 2024

This book features original essays by leading epistemologists that address questions related to epistemic dilemmas from a variety of new, sometimes unexpected, angles. It seems plausible that there can be "no win" moral situations in which no matter what one does one fails some moral obligation. Is...

Seemings New Arguments, New Angles

Seemings: New Arguments, New Angles

1st Edition

Edited By Kevin McCain, Scott Stapleford, Matthias Steup
December 19, 2023

This volume presents new research on the epistemology of seemings. It features original essays by leading epistemologists on the nature and epistemic import of seemings and intuitions. Seemings and intuitions are often appealed to in philosophical theorizing. In fact, epistemological theories such ...

Rationality in Context Unstable Virtues in an Uncertain World

Rationality in Context: Unstable Virtues in an Uncertain World

1st Edition

By Steven Bland
December 01, 2023

This book uses the psychological literature on rationality to weigh in on the recent debate between virtue epistemologists and epistemic situationists. It argues that both sides have misconstrued the literature and that an interactionist framework is needed to square epistemic theory with empirical...

Trust Responsibly Non-Evidential Virtue Epistemology

Trust Responsibly: Non-Evidential Virtue Epistemology

1st Edition

By Jakob Ohlhorst
October 02, 2023

This book offers a defence of Wrightean epistemic entitlement, one of the most prominent approaches to hinge epistemology. It also systematically explores the connections between virtue epistemology and hinge epistemology. According to hinge epistemology, any human belief set is built within and ...

Intellectual Dependability A Virtue Theory of the Epistemic and Educational Ideal

Intellectual Dependability: A Virtue Theory of the Epistemic and Educational Ideal

1st Edition

By T. Ryan Byerly
September 25, 2023

Intellectual Dependability is the first research monograph devoted to addressing the question of what it is to be an intellectually dependable person—the sort of person on whom one’s fellow inquirers can depend in their pursuit of epistemic goods. While neglected in recent scholarship, this ...

Seemings and the Foundations of Justification A Defense of Phenomenal Conservatism

Seemings and the Foundations of Justification: A Defense of Phenomenal Conservatism

1st Edition

By Blake McAllister
August 25, 2023

All justified beliefs ultimately rest on attitudes that are immediately justified. This book illuminates the nature of immediate justification and the states that provide it. Simply put, immediate justification arises from how things appear to us—from all and only our "seemings." The author defends...

Illuminating Errors New Essays on Knowledge from Non-Knowledge

Illuminating Errors: New Essays on Knowledge from Non-Knowledge

1st Edition

Edited By Rodrigo Borges, Ian Schnee
July 20, 2023

This is the first collection of essays exclusively devoted to knowledge from non-knowledge and related issues. It features original contributions from some of the most prominent and up-and-coming scholars working in contemporary epistemology. There is a nascent literature in epistemology about the ...

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