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Routledge Studies in Ethnomusicology

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Routledge Studies in Ethnomusicology is dedicated to expanding the field of ethnomusicology with innovative studies and edited collections. Publishing new, cutting-edge research into our global music heritage, the series will concentrate on area studies from all corners of the world.

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Lives in Music Mobility and Change in a Global Context

Lives in Music: Mobility and Change in a Global Context

1st Edition

Edited By Sara Le Menestrel
March 12, 2020

Lives in Music analyses interwoven patterns of mobility, change, and power in music and dance practices. It challenges some commonly accepted conceptual tools that are ubiquitous in anthropology today, including cultural hybridity, transnational networks, and globalization. Based on seven “...

Scottish Dance Beyond 1805 Reaction and Regulation

Scottish Dance Beyond 1805: Reaction and Regulation

1st Edition

By Patricia Ballantyne
December 09, 2019

Scottish Dance Beyond 1805 presents a history of Scottish music and dance over the last 200 years, with a focus on sources originating in Aberdeenshire, when steps could be adapted in any way the dancer pleased. The book explains the major changes in the way that dance was taught and performed by ...

Music Commodities, Markets, and Values Music as Merchandise

Music Commodities, Markets, and Values: Music as Merchandise

1st Edition

By Jayson Beaster-Jones
May 31, 2016

This book examines music stores as sites of cultural production in contemporary India. Analyzing social practices of selling music in a variety of retail contexts, it focuses upon the economic and social values that are produced and circulated by music retailers in the marketplace. Based upon ...

Qupai in Chinese Music Melodic Models in Form and Practice

Qupai in Chinese Music: Melodic Models in Form and Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Alan R Thrasher
April 21, 2016

Presenting the latest research in the area, this volume explores the fundamental concept of qupai 曲牌, melodic models upon which most traditional Chinese instrumental music (and some vocal music) is based. The greater part of the traditional instrumental repertoire has emerged from qupai models by ...

Local Music Scenes and Globalization Transnational Platforms in Beirut

Local Music Scenes and Globalization: Transnational Platforms in Beirut

1st Edition

By Thomas Burkhalter
April 27, 2015

This book offers the first in-depth study of experimental and popular music scenes in Beirut, looking at musicians working towards a new understanding of musical creativity and music culture in a country that is dominated by mass-mediated pop music, and propaganda. Burkhalter studies the generation...

Music, Travel, and Imperial Encounter in 19th-Century France Musical Apprehensions

Music, Travel, and Imperial Encounter in 19th-Century France: Musical Apprehensions

1st Edition

By Ruth Rosenberg
December 22, 2014

This book considers the activities and writings of early song collectors and proto-ethnomusicologists, memoirists, and other "musical travelers" in 19th-century France. Each of the book’s discrete but interrelated chapters is devoted to a different geographic and discursive site of empire, ...

The Globalization of Musics in Transit Music Migration and Tourism

The Globalization of Musics in Transit: Music Migration and Tourism

1st Edition

Edited By Simone Krüger, Ruxandra Trandafoiu
December 31, 2013

This book traces the particularities of music migration and tourism in different global settings, and provides current, even new perspectives for ethnomusicological research on globalizing musics in transit. The dual focus on tourism and migration is central to debates on globalization, and their ...

The Local Scenes and Global Culture of Psytrance

The Local Scenes and Global Culture of Psytrance

1st Edition

By Graham St. John
June 23, 2011

This lively textual symposium offers a collection of formative research on the culture of global psytrance (psychedelic trance). As the first book to address the diverse transnationalism of this contemporary electronic dance music phenomenon, the collection hosts interdisciplinary research ...

Popular Music of Vietnam The Politics of Remembering, the Economics of Forgetting

Popular Music of Vietnam: The Politics of Remembering, the Economics of Forgetting

1st Edition

By Dale A. Olsen
June 21, 2010

Based on the author’s research in Ho Chi Minh City, Hanoi, and other urban areas in Vietnam, this study of contemporary Vietnamese popular music explores the ways globalization and free market economics have influenced the music and subcultures of Vietnamese youth, focusing on the conflict ...

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