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Routledge Studies in Gender and Security

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The Routledge Studies in Gender and Security series looks to publish books at the intersection of gender studies, international relations, and Security Studies. It will publish a broad sampling of work in gender and security – from private military companies to world wars, from food insecurity to battlefield tactics, from large-n to deconstructive, and across different areas of the world. In addition to seeking a diverse sampling of substantive work in gender and security, the series seeks a diverse author pool – looking for cutting-edge junior scholars alongside more established authors, and authors from a wide variety of locations and across a spectrum of backgrounds.

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Gender Mainstreaming in Counter-Terrorism Building Transformative Strategies to Counter Violent Extremism

Gender Mainstreaming in Counter-Terrorism: Building Transformative Strategies to Counter Violent Extremism

1st Edition


By Jessica White
November 24, 2022

This book analyses policy and programming challenges in gender mainstreaming in counter-terrorism policy, with examples from comparative case studies. The issue of gender in security policy and programming has received an increase in interest over the past several years, with increasing pressure ...

The Gender and Security Agenda Strategies for the 21st Century

The Gender and Security Agenda: Strategies for the 21st Century

1st Edition

Edited By Chantal de Jonge Oudraat, Michael E. Brown
July 07, 2020

This book examines the gender dimensions of a wide array of national and international security challenges. The volume examines gender dynamics in ten issue areas in both the traditional and human security sub-fields: armed conflict, post-conflict, terrorism, military organizations, movement of ...

Gender and Civilian Victimization in War

Gender and Civilian Victimization in War

1st Edition

By Jessica L. Peet, Laura Sjoberg
December 02, 2019

This book explores the role of gender in influencing war-fighting actors’ strategies toward the attack or protection of civilians. Traditional narratives suggest that killing civilians intentionally in wars happens infrequently and that the perpetration of civilian targeting is limited to aberrant ...

Gender and Drone Warfare A Hauntological Perspective

Gender and Drone Warfare: A Hauntological Perspective

1st Edition

By Lindsay C. Clark
June 24, 2019

This book investigates how drone warfare is deeply gendered and how this can be explored through the methodological framework of ‘Haunting’. Utilising original interview data from British Reaper drone crews, the book analyses the way killing by drones complicates traditional understandings of ...

NATO, Gender and the Military Women Organising from Within

NATO, Gender and the Military: Women Organising from Within

1st Edition

By Katharine A.M. Wright, Matthew Hurley, Jesus Ignacio Gil Ruiz
May 02, 2019

This book examines NATO's engagement with gender issues through its military structures. Drawing on newly declassified NATO documents, this volume provides the first comprehensive account of NATO’s long-established engagement with gender issues. These documents bring to the fore the stories of the ...

Gender and the Genocide in Rwanda Women as Rescuers and Perpetrators

Gender and the Genocide in Rwanda: Women as Rescuers and Perpetrators

1st Edition

By Sara E. Brown
March 05, 2019

This book examines the mobilization, role, and trajectory of women rescuers and perpetrators during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. While much has been written about the victimization of women during the 1994 genocide in Rwanda, very little has been said about women who rescued targeted victims or ...

Gendering Military Sacrifice A Feminist Comparative Analysis

Gendering Military Sacrifice: A Feminist Comparative Analysis

1st Edition

Edited By Cecilia Åse, Maria Wendt
February 13, 2019

This book offers a feminist analysis of military sacrifice and reveals the importance of a gender perspective in understanding the idea of honourable death. In present-day security discourses, traditional masculinised obligations to die for the homeland and its women and children are challenged and...

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