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Routledge Studies in Health Management

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The health care sector is now of major significance, economically, scientifically and societally. In many countries, health care organizations are experiencing major pressures to change and restructure, while cost containment efforts have been accentuated by global economic crisis. Users are demanding higher service quality, and health care professions are experiencing significant reorganization whilst operating under increased demands from an ageing population.

Critically analytic, politically informed, discursive and theoretically grounded, rather than narrowly technical or positivistic, the series seeks to analyse current health care organizations. Reflecting the intense focus of policy and academic interest, it moves beyond the day to day debate to consider the broader implications of international organizational and management research and different theoretical framings.

The series welcomes proposals on the following themes:

  • What organization theories best shed light on current health care organizations?
  • How does organizational change take place in health care organizations?
  • How can novel health policy arenas (e.g. patient safety and quality) be conceptualised?
  • Which narratives of health care reforming become influential and why in the political and policy domains?
  • Who are the key actors in current health care reform? E.g. Rise of management consulting and think tanks.
  • ‘doing more with less’ in health care post the 2008 economic crisis; what is the assessment of policies and strategies adopted?
  • Why do countries vary in their experience of health care reform?
  • What are the key developments within the health care professions and their implications for health care management?
  • How important is the push from Science and Technology reshaping health care systems?
  • What are the broader social and organizational effects of new ICTs in health care settings?

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Co-production and Japanese Healthcare Work Environment, Governance, Service Quality and Social Values

Co-production and Japanese Healthcare: Work Environment, Governance, Service Quality and Social Values

1st Edition

By Victor A. Pestoff
April 16, 2021

Healthcare in most developed countries face a complex and partly contradictory mix of financial, social and political challenges. Fiscal strains combined with New Public Management agendas have caused severe cutbacks and calls for greater efficiency in public healthcare, resulting in a growing ...

Innovating Healthcare The Role of Political, Managerial and Clinical Leadership

Innovating Healthcare: The Role of Political, Managerial and Clinical Leadership

1st Edition

By John Storey, Richard Holti
November 21, 2019

Why is there a need to ‘innovate healthcare’? The basic reason stems from the sheer scale of the challenges now facing healthcare provision in the UK and across many other countries. The aim of this book is to interrogate past and current attempts to innovate in this arena and to draw-out the key ...

Making Sense of Organizational Change and Innovation in Health Care An Everyday Ethnography

Making Sense of Organizational Change and Innovation in Health Care: An Everyday Ethnography

1st Edition

By Anne Reff Pedersen
September 25, 2019

This book explores the hospital via organisational ethnography (OE), an approach that involves a mix of fieldwork methods designed to analyse the hospital which also includes participatory observation, qualitative interviews and shadowing. One way to define a hospital is by its high level of ...

The Management of Wicked Problems in Health and Social Care

The Management of Wicked Problems in Health and Social Care

1st Edition

Edited By Will Thomas, Anneli Hujala, Sanna Laulainen, Robert McMurray
October 05, 2018

At a time of growing pressure on health and social care services, this book draws together contributions which highlight contemporary challenges for their management. Providing a range of contributions that draw on a Critical Management Studies perspective the book raises macro-level concerns with ...

Medical Professionals Conflicts and Quandaries in Medical Practice

Medical Professionals: Conflicts and Quandaries in Medical Practice

1st Edition

Edited By Kathleen Montgomery, Wendy Lipworth
September 04, 2018

Medical Professionals: Conflicts and Quandaries in Medical Practice offers a fresh approach to understanding the role-related conflicts and quandaries that pervade contemporary medical practice. While a focus on professional conflicts is not new in the literature, what is missing is a volume that ...

Managing Modern Healthcare Knowledge, Networks and Practice

Managing Modern Healthcare: Knowledge, Networks and Practice

1st Edition

By Mike Bresnen, Damian Hodgson, Simon Bailey, Paula Hyde, John Hassard
August 23, 2018

Until now, research has given us only a limited understanding of how managers actually make sense of and apply management knowledge; how networks of interaction amongst managers help or hinder processes of knowledge diffusion and the sharing of best practice; and how these processes are all ...

Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

1st Edition

By Ralf Wilden, Massimo Garbuio, Federica Angeli, Daniele Mascia
June 27, 2018

Entrepreneurship in the Healthcare sector has received increased attention over the last two decades, both in terms of scholarly research and number of innovative enterprises. Entrepreneurial activities and innovations have emerged from and will continue to be driven by several actors along the ...

Analysing Health Care Organizations A Personal Anthology

Analysing Health Care Organizations: A Personal Anthology

1st Edition

By Ewan Ferlie
June 08, 2018

Analysing Health Care Organizations seeks to link the world of health policy and management with the academic field of organization studies in a novel and additive way. It outlines the main developments in UK health care management apparent over the last thirty years and explores how they...

Challenging Perspectives on Organizational Change in Health Care

Challenging Perspectives on Organizational Change in Health Care

1st Edition

By Louise Fitzgerald, Aoife McDermott
May 03, 2017

This volume provides theory and research on organizational change and predominantly features the application of these ideas to the health care domain, broadly defined. It addresses enduring issues in advancing to an effective health care system. The aim of this book is to offer an accessible and ...

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