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Routledge Studies in Popular Music

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This series is our home for cutting-edge, upper-level scholarly studies and edited collections covering Popular Music. Considering music performance, theory, and culture alongside topics such as gender, race, celebrity, fandom, tourism, fashion, and technology, titles are characterized by dynamic interventions into established subjects and innovative studies on emerging topics.

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Globalization and Popular Music in South Korea Sounding Out K-Pop

Globalization and Popular Music in South Korea: Sounding Out K-Pop

1st Edition

By Michael Fuhr
June 07, 2017

This book offers an in-depth study of the globalization of contemporary South Korean idol pop music, or K-Pop, visiting K-Pop and its multiple intersections with political, economic, and cultural formations and transformations. It provides detailed insights into the transformative process in and ...

David Bowie Critical Perspectives

David Bowie: Critical Perspectives

1st Edition

Edited By Eoin Devereux, Aileen Dillane, Martin Power
December 12, 2016

David Bowie: Critical Perspectives examines in detail the many layers of one of the most intriguing and influential icons in popular culture. This interdisciplinary book brings together established and emerging scholars from a wide variety of backgrounds, including musicology, sociology, art ...

Lady Gaga and Popular Music Performing Gender, Fashion, and Culture

Lady Gaga and Popular Music: Performing Gender, Fashion, and Culture

1st Edition

Edited By Martin Iddon, Melanie Marshall
December 20, 2016

This book is a multi-faceted, interdisciplinary examination of the music and figure of Lady Gaga, combining approaches from scholars in cultural studies, art, fashion, and music. It represents one of the first scholarly volumes devoted to Lady Gaga, who has become, over a few short years, central ...

Voicing Girlhood in Popular Music Performance, Authority, Authenticity

Voicing Girlhood in Popular Music: Performance, Authority, Authenticity

1st Edition

Edited By Jacqueline Warwick, Allison Adrian
June 16, 2016

This interdisciplinary volume explores the girl’s voice and the construction of girlhood in contemporary popular music, visiting girls as musicians, activists, and performers through topics that range from female vocal development during adolescence to girls’ online media culture. While girls’ ...

Global Glam and Popular Music Style and Spectacle from the 1970s to the 2000s

Global Glam and Popular Music: Style and Spectacle from the 1970s to the 2000s

1st Edition

Edited By Ian Chapman, Henry Johnson
February 19, 2016

This book is the first to explore style and spectacle in glam popular music performance from the 1970s to the present day, and from an international perspective. Focus is given to a number of representative artists, bands, and movements, as well as national, regional, and cultural contexts from ...

Queerness in Pop Music Aesthetics, Gender Norms, and Temporality

Queerness in Pop Music: Aesthetics, Gender Norms, and Temporality

1st Edition

By Stan Hawkins
December 10, 2015

This book investigates the phenomenon of queering in popular music and video, interpreting the music of numerous pop artists, styles, and idioms. The focus falls on artists, such as Lady Gaga, Madonna, Boy George, Diana Ross, Rufus Wainwright, David Bowie, Azealia Banks, Zebra Katz, Freddie Mercury...

Goth Music From Sound to Subculture

Goth Music: From Sound to Subculture

1st Edition

By Isabella van Elferen, Jeffrey Andrew Weinstock
December 07, 2015

 Is "goth music" a genre, and if so, how does it relate to the goth subculture? The music played at goth club nights and festivals encompasses a broad range of musical substyles, from gloomy Batcave reverberations to neo-medieval bagpipe drones and from the lush vocals of goth metal to the ...

Popular Music Industries and the State Policy Notes

Popular Music Industries and the State: Policy Notes

1st Edition

By Shane Homan, Martin Cloonan, Jennifer Cattermole
October 09, 2015

This volume studies the relationships between government and the popular music industries, comparing three Anglophone nations: Scotland, New Zealand and Australia. At a time when issues of globalization and locality are seldom out of the news, musicians, fans, governments, and industries are forced...

Popular Music Fandom Identities, Roles and Practices

Popular Music Fandom: Identities, Roles and Practices

1st Edition

Edited By Mark Duffett
August 21, 2015

This book explores popular music fandom from a cultural studies perspective that incorporates popular music studies, audience research, and media fandom. The essays draw together recent work on fandom in popular music studies and begin a dialogue with the wider field of media fan research, raising ...

Sites of Popular Music Heritage Memories, Histories, Places

Sites of Popular Music Heritage: Memories, Histories, Places

1st Edition

Edited By Sara Cohen, Robert Knifton, Marion Leonard, Les Roberts
September 25, 2014

This volume examines the location of memories and histories of popular music and its multiple pasts, exploring the different ‘places’ in which popular music can be situated, including the local physical site, the museum storeroom and exhibition space, and the digitized archive and display space ...

Britishness, Popular Music, and National Identity The Making of Modern Britain

Britishness, Popular Music, and National Identity: The Making of Modern Britain

1st Edition

By Irene Morra
November 01, 2013

This book offers a major exploration of the social and cultural importance of popular music to contemporary celebrations of Britishness. Rather than providing a history of popular music or an itemization of indigenous musical qualities, it exposes the influential cultural and nationalist rhetoric ...

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