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There is little doubt that science and technology are the most influential agents of global circulation of cultures. Science & Technology Studies (STS) is a well-established discipline that has for some time challenged simplistic understanding of science and technology (S&T) by drawing on perspectives from history, philosophy and sociology. However, an asymmetry between ‘western’ and ‘eastern’ cultures continues, not only in the production of new S&T but also in their analysis. At the same time, these cultures which have little contribution to the understanding of S&T are also becoming their dominant consumers. More importantly, S&T are themselves getting modified through the interaction with the historical, cultural and philosophical worldviews of the non-western cultures and this is creating new spaces for the interpretation and application of S&T. This series takes into account these perspectives and sets right this global imbalance by promoting monographs and edited volumes which analyse S&T from multicultural and comparative perspectives.

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Mapping Scientific Method Disciplinary Narrations

Mapping Scientific Method: Disciplinary Narrations

1st Edition

Edited By Gita Chadha, Renny Thomas
January 29, 2024

This volume explores how the scientific method enters and determines the dominant methodologies of various modern academic disciplines. It highlights the ways in which practitioners from different disciplinary backgrounds –– the humanities, the natural sciences, and the social sciences –– engage ...

On Science Concepts, Cultures and Limits

On Science: Concepts, Cultures and Limits

1st Edition

By Tuhina Ray, Urmie Ray
September 25, 2023

On Science: Concepts, Cultures, and Limits explores science and its relationship with religion, philosophy, ethics, mathematics, and with socio-economic changes. The book gives an overview of the metaphysical contexts in which science emerged and the particular forms science has taken in history. ...

The Social Context of Technological Experiences Three Studies from India

The Social Context of Technological Experiences: Three Studies from India

1st Edition

By Anant Kamath
September 25, 2023

This book demonstrates how technology and society shape one another and that there are intrinsic connections between technological experiences and social relationships. It employs an array of theoretical concepts and methodological tools to examine the technology–society nexus among three urban ...

Who is the Scientist-Subject? Affective History of the Gene

Who is the Scientist-Subject?: Affective History of the Gene

1st Edition

By Esha Shah
May 29, 2018

This book explores two disparate sets of debates in the history and philosophy of the life sciences: the history of subjectivity in shaping objective science and the history of dominance of reductionism in molecular biology. It questions the dominant conception of the scientist-subject as a ...

Science and Religion East and West

Science and Religion: East and West

1st Edition

Edited By Yiftach Fehige
January 10, 2018

This volume situates itself within the context of the rapidly growing interdisciplinary field that is dedicated to the study of the complex interactions between science and religion. It presents an innovative approach insofar as it addresses the Eurocentrism that is still prevalent in this field. ...

Science and Narratives of Nature East and West

Science and Narratives of Nature: East and West

1st Edition

Edited By Sundar Sarukkai
December 04, 2017

The discourse and practice of science are deeply connected to explicit and implicit narratives of nature. However, nature has been understood in diverse ways by cultures across the world. Could these different views of nature generate the possibility of alternate views on science? Part of the ...

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