1st Edition

Seed Ecophysiology of Temperate and Boreal Zone Forest Trees

By Robert E. Farmer Copyright 1997

    This is the first truly modern book solely devoted to seed reproduction of forest trees-from flowering to establishment, with emphasis on the interaction of environment with physiological processes.

    Focus is on seed function in natural settings and the application of information to natural regeneration of forests. This easy-to-read text addresses important principles and provides in-depth coverage of existing literature.
    Presentation of the information is organized to allow for a natural development of the main theme with full explanations of such important components as seed production, dispersal and germination, as well as the integral parts played by water, temperature, light, chemicals, animals, pathogens and aging.
    A highly useful book for investigators, practitioners or students.

    Chapter 1: Introduction
    Chapter 2: Components of Seed Production
    Chapter 3: Dispersal
    Chapter 4: How Seed Germinate
    Chapter 5: How to Evaluate Germination
    Chapter 6: Seed Dormancy
    Chapter 7: Seed Banking Trees
    Chapter 8: Germination Genetics
    Chapter 9: Germination and Establishment: Temperature, Water and Light
    Chapter 10: Germination and Establishment: Chemical Ecology
    Chapter 11: Germination and Establishment: Animals, Pathogens and Aging
    Chapter 12: Germination and Establishment: North American Microsites


    RobertE. Farmer

    "...a book on this subject has been long overdue and will provide an invaluable tool to instructors, foresters, and researchers alike."
    Ron Smith, Natural Resources Canada