1st Edition

Server Management

Edited By Gilbert Held Copyright 2000
    720 Pages
    by Auerbach Publications

    This single-volume desktop reference provides comprehensive information on all server issues - featuring contributions from experts in the field. Engineers for system vendors, systems integrators, major resellers, end-users, and representatives from Hewlett-Packard, Novell, IBM, Compaq, Microsoft, and NEC share their ideas and experience on such topics as client/server distributed processing; the advent of more powerful, sophisticated servers; server dependability; server performance; and more.

    The Client Server Architecture, M. David Hanson
    The Server at the Heart of Your Business, Ron Rosen
    What Does a Server Do? A General Overview, Kristin Marks
    The Case for Mainframe Servers in the Enterprise, Brian Jeffery
    Server Issues and Trends, 2000, Howard Marks
    Specifying Servers Based on Needs and Growth, Howard Marks
    Consolidated Server Overview, John Lillywhite
    Server Installation Considerations, Howard Marks
    The Business of Managing Distributed Systems, Richard Ross
    Including End Users in the Planning of Integrated Systems Development, Jack T. Marchewka
    Business Continuity in the Distributed Environment, Steven P. Craig
    Developing Client Server RDBMS Applications Using JAVA Servlets and JDBC, Jonathan Held
    Server Memory Issues, M. David Hanson
    CPUs, A. Padgett Peterson
    Server Data Bus Structures, A. Padgett Peterson
    The RAID Advantage, Tyson Heyn
    Multiprocessing Servers, Bill Wong
    Super Servers - One Step Beyond, A. Padgett Peterson
    NetWare 3.X, Dennis Dillman
    intraNetWare Overview, James E. Gaskin
    Migrating to intraNetWare 4.X and Novell Directory Services, Eric Stral
    Windows NT Architecture, Gilbert Held
    Windows NT Workstation vs. Server 4.0, Stuart Miller
    Evaluating Client/Server Operating Systems: Focus on Windows NT, Gilbert Held
    A Look at Linux, Daniel Carrere
    With Linux and Big Brother Watching Over Your Network, You Don't Have to Look Over Your Shoulder (or Your Budget), Daniel Carrere
    Changing Server Operating Systems, Howard Marks
    UNIX as an Application Server, Scott Koegler
    Print Servers and Network Printing, Allen Waugerman
    Fax Servers, Max Shroeder
    Remote Access Concepts, Gerald L. Bahr
    Communication Servers, Denise M. Jones
    Internet Mail Server Overview, Lawrence E. Hughes
    An Introduction to Microsoft Exchange Server, Lee Benjamin
    Virtual Server Overview, Judith M. Myerson
    Text-to-Speech Server Overview, Judith M. Myerson
    CD-ROM Servers, Robert Brainard
    Choosing and Equipping an Internet Server, Nathan J. Muller
    Selecting a Web Server Connection Rate, Gilbert Held
    Working with Images in Client/Server Environments, Gilbert Held
    Working with NT's Performance Monitor, Gilbert Held
    Server Security Policies, Jon David
    Security and Resource Sharing in an NT Environment, Gilbert Held
    Windows NT Access Security, Gilbert Held
    Evaluating Anti-Virus Solutions Within Distributed Environments, Network Associates
    Software Management: The Practical Solution to the Cost-of-Ownership Crisis, Paul Davis
    Inventory - Cornerstone Technology for Managing the Network, Roy Rezac
    Software Distribution, Steven Marks
    Fault Tolerance Protection and RAID Technology for Networks: A Primer, Jeff Leventhal
    Network Data and Storage Management Techniques, Laurence D. Rogers
    Acquiring and Using a UPS System, Gilbert Held
    Troubleshooting: Resolution Methodologies, Kristin Marks
    Troubleshooting: The Server Environment, Kristin Marks


    Gilbert Held