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High-Performance Web Databases Design, Development, and Deployment

High-Performance Web Databases: Design, Development, and Deployment

1st Edition

Edited By Sanjiv Purba
December 17, 2019

As Web-based systems and e-commerce carry businesses into the 21st century, databases are becoming workhorses that shoulder each and every online transaction. For organizations to have effective 24/7 Web operations, they need powerhouse databases that deliver at peak performance-all the time. High ...

Complete Book of Remote Access Connectivity and Security

Complete Book of Remote Access: Connectivity and Security

1st Edition

Edited By Victor Kasacavage
December 10, 2002

As technology advances, the demand and necessity for seamless connectivity and stable access to servers and networks is increasing exponentially. Unfortunately the few books out there on remote access focus on Cisco certification preparation, one aspect of network connectivity or security. This ...

The Privacy Papers Managing Technology, Consumer, Employee and Legislative Actions

The Privacy Papers: Managing Technology, Consumer, Employee and Legislative Actions

1st Edition

By Rebecca Herold
December 20, 2001

Today, more than ever, organizations have to cope with increased concerns regarding privacy issues. These concerns are not limited to consumer fears about how information collected by Web sites will be used or misused. They also involve broader issues, including data collected for direct response ...

New Directions in Internet Management

New Directions in Internet Management

1st Edition

Edited By Sanjiv Purba
October 18, 2001

What is the business model for making money on the Internet and how does it function? The answer to this question will determine the shape of the Internet over the near term. As the Internet business model continues to evolve, so will Internet management. And with the demise of the Internet greatly...

Business Continuity Planning Protecting Your Organization's Life

Business Continuity Planning: Protecting Your Organization's Life

1st Edition

Edited By Ken Doughty
September 11, 2000

Once considered a luxury, a business continuity plan has become a necessity. Many companies are required to have one by law. Others have implemented them to protect themselves from liability, and some have adopted them after a disaster or after a near miss. Whatever your reason, the right ...

Winning the Outsourcing Game Making the Best Deals and Making Them Work

Winning the Outsourcing Game: Making the Best Deals and Making Them Work

1st Edition

Edited By Janet Butler
June 27, 2000

It has become increasingly difficult to hire and keep warm bodies, not to mention competent IT personnel. With this in mind, outsourcing ceases to be an option and becomes a necessity. Web hosting, application service providers, and integrating legacy and ERP systems are just three examples of when...

Server Management

Server Management

1st Edition

Edited By Gilbert Held
March 22, 2000

This single-volume desktop reference provides comprehensive information on all server issues - featuring contributions from experts in the field. Engineers for system vendors, systems integrators, major resellers, end-users, and representatives from Hewlett-Packard, Novell, IBM, Compaq, Microsoft, ...

The Network Manager's Handbook, Third Edition 1999

The Network Manager's Handbook, Third Edition: 1999

3rd Edition

Edited By John M. Lusa
December 01, 1999

The Network Manager's Handbook is a one-of-a-kind resource featuring critical network technology assessments and career development advice from some of the most highly respected consultants and network managers in the field. This answer-filled compendium provides a rich blend of precise knowledge ...

Internet Management

Internet Management

1st Edition

Edited By Jessica Keyes
July 28, 1999

Internet Management is an encyclopedia of Internet management know-how. Over the course of 50 chapters, experts provide advice on everything from choosing the right Web database to finding a reliable Web consultant, and the implications of using CGI to the pros and cons of using GIF. And throughout...

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