Signal Transduction in the Retina  book cover
1st Edition

Signal Transduction in the Retina

ISBN 9780849373152
Published December 26, 2007 by CRC Press
408 Pages 4 Color & 101 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

In the twenty-first century, we are just beginning to understand more clearly the enormous diversity and complexity of signaling processes in the retina. Integrating advances in the biochemistry, cell biology, physiology, and physics of phototransduction, Signal Transduction in the Retina presents the methodologies and experimental approaches that yield key information on the mechanisms underlying normal retinal physiology. This in-depth work discusses the latest techniques and applications for understanding retinal function and degradation, developing novel therapeutic strategies, and promoting cellular survival and functional retention.

Drawing contributions from experts in a range of disciplines, each chapter presents a brief overview of the area discussed along with specific methodology for obtaining the primary data to understand the cellular and molecular process. Given the dominance and wealth of information on rhodopsin-based phototransduction, the book devotes substantial attention to this topic, but also evaluates a diversity of signaling mechanisms.

Beginning with the molecular mechanisms of vertebrate phototransduction, this volume presents the structure of phototransduction cascade components at atomic resolution, as well as molecular interactions in multi-protein complexes and novel cell-based strategies for understanding signal shut-off and light adaptation. It discusses non-visual phototransduction and the role of melanopsin in adaptive photoresponses and circadian clock regulation. The book also compares the visual signaling processes of vertebrates and invertebrates. It examines experimental studies of insulin-based signaling in the inner and outer retina; investigates retinal development including signaling in progenitor cells, cell-cell communication in developing cells, and neovascularization; and studies lipid-derived mediators such as neuroprotectins and discusses the participation of retinal pigment epithelium in neuronal survival.

Table of Contents

Vertebrate Visual Phototransduction
Biophysical Approaches to the Study of G-protein Structure and Function, A.M. Preininger, W.M. Oldham, and H.E. Hamm
Photoactivation of Rhodopsin and Signal Transfer to Transducin, O.G. Kisselev
How Rod Arrestin Achieved Perfection: Regulation of its Availability and Binding Selectivity, V.V. Gurevich, S.M. Hanson, E.V. Gurevich, and S.A. Vishnivetskiy           
Function and Regulation of PDE6, M. Natochin, H. Muradov, and N.O. Artemyev
Biochemical Characterization of Phototransduction RGS9-1 GAP Complex, Q. Wang and T.G. Wensel
Guanylate Cyclase-Based Signaling in Photoreceptors and Retina, K.W. Koch and A. Helten
Transgenic Strategies for Analysis of Photoreceptor Function, J. Lem and K. Rwayitare
Vertebrate Non-Visual Phototransduction
Melanopsin Signaling and Non-Visual Ocular Photoreception, S.V. Yelamanchili, V. Piamonte, S. Kumar Nayak, N. Tanaka, Q. Zhu, K. Jones, H.Le, and S. Panda
Invertebrate Visual Phototransduction
Phototransduction in Drosophila: Use of Microarrays in Cloning Genes Identified by Chemically Induced Mutations causing ERG Defects, H.T. Leung, L. An, J. Tseng-Crank, E. Kim, E.L. Harness, Y. Zhou, J. Kitamoto, G. Li, R.W. Doerge, and W.L. Pak
Insulin Receptor-Based Signaling in the Vertebrate Retina
Insulin Receptor-Based Signaling in the Retina, P.E. Fort, R.S.J. Singh, M.K. Losiewicz, and T.W. Gardner
Probing the Interactions between the Retinal Insulin Receptor and its Downstream Effectors, R.V.S. Rajala and R.E. Anderson
Signal Transduction in Vertebrate Retinal Development and Vascular Homeostasis
Signal Transduction in Retinal Progenitor Cells, B. Nelson, S. Hayes, B. Hartman, and T. Reh
Probing the Hedgehog Pathway in Retinal Development, B. McNeill, D. Wall, S. Beug and V.A. Wallace
Thrombospondin-1 Signal Transduction and Retinal Vascular Homeostasis, N. Sheibani, Y. Tang, T. DiMaio, S. Kondo, E.A. Scheef, and C.M. Sorenson
Lipid Mediators and Signaling in the RPE
Lipidomic Approaches to Neuroprotection Signaling in the Retinal Pigment Epithelium, N.G. Bazan, V.L. Marcheselli, Y. Lu, S. Hong, and F. Jackson

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