Signaling Through Cell Adhesion Molecules  book cover
1st Edition

Signaling Through Cell Adhesion Molecules

ISBN 9780849333859
Published May 20, 1999 by CRC Press
392 Pages

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Book Description

The field of signal transduction research is one of the fastest growing in all of biomedical research in recent years. Signaling through cell adhesion molecules have long been of interest because of their importance in embryonic development, homeostasis, immune responses, wound healing , and malignant transformation. However, it is only recently realized that cell adhesion molecules are capable of transduce biochemical signals across the plasma membrane to regulate cellular functions.
Signaling Through Cell Adhesion Molecules brings together novel and current methodology employed in studies of signaling by cell adhesion molecules as presented by leading experts whose research has shaped this nascent area of signal trandsduction research.
One of the unique features of this method book is its topic-oriented format; experts with "hands-on" experience present various techniques and answers to particular biological questions. Many chapters not only contain the "recipes" on experimental protocols, but also discuss the rationale behind their development.

Table of Contents

Protein-Protein Interactions and Early Events in Integrin Signaling
The Use of Chimeric Receptors in the Study of Integrin Signaling
Using Synthetic Peptides to Mimic Integrins: Probing Cytoskeletal Interactions and Signaling Pathways
Use of the Yeast Two-Hybrid System for the Characterization of Integrin
Signal Transduction Pathways: Identification of the Integrin-Linked Kinase, p59
Focal Adhesion Kinase and its Associated Proteins
Analysis of Paxillin as a Multi-Domain Scaffolding Protein
p130 in Integrin Signaling
Specificity of Integrin Signaling
Late Events and Biological Functions of Integrin Signaling
Methods for Study of Integrin Regulation of MAP Kinase Cascades
Methods for Analysis of Adhesion-Dependent Cell Cycle Progression
Integrin Modulation of Mitogenic Pathways Involved in Muscle Differentiation
Methods for Studying Anoikis
Functional Analysis of FAK and Associated Molecules in Cell Migration
Integrin Signaling in Pericellular Matrix Assembly
Inside-out Signaling by Integrins
Studies of Integrin Signaling Through Platelet ab
Tracking of Integrin-Mediated Adhesion Using Green Fluorescent Protein and Flow Cytometry
Expression Cloning of Proteins That Modify Integrin Activation
Regulation of Cell Contractility by RhoA: Stress Fiber and Focal Adhesion Assembly
Studies of Integrin Signaling Through Platelet General Methods for Studies of Cell Adhesion Molecule-Mediated Signaling
Intra-and Intercellular Localization of Proteins in Tissue in situ
Optical Microscopy Studies of (Ca2) Signaling
Wnt Signaling in Xenopus Embryos

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