1st Edition

Silicon Heterostructure Handbook
Materials, Fabrication, Devices, Circuits and Applications of SiGe and Si Strained-Layer Epitaxy

Edited By

John D. Cressler

ISBN 9780849335594
Published November 1, 2005 by CRC Press
1248 Pages 871 B/W Illustrations

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Book Description

An extraordinary combination of material science, manufacturing processes, and innovative thinking spurred the development of SiGe heterojunction devices that offer a wide array of functions, unprecedented levels of performance, and low manufacturing costs. While there are many books on specific aspects of Si heterostructures, the Silicon Heterostructure Handbook: Materials, Fabrication, Devices, Circuits, and Applications of SiGe and Si Strained-Layer Epitaxy is the first book to bring all aspects together in a single source.

Featuring broad, comprehensive, and in-depth discussion, this handbook distills the current state of the field in areas ranging from materials to fabrication, devices, CAD, circuits, and applications. The editor includes "snapshots" of the industrial state-of-the-art for devices and circuits, presenting a novel perspective for comparing the present status with future directions in the field. With each chapter contributed by expert authors from leading industrial and research institutions worldwide, the book is unequalled not only in breadth of scope, but also in depth of coverage, timeliness of results, and authority of references. It also includes a foreword by Dr. Bernard S. Meyerson, a pioneer in SiGe technology.

Containing nearly 1000 figures along with valuable appendices, the Silicon Heterostructure Handbook authoritatively surveys materials, fabrication, device physics, transistor optimization, optoelectronics components, measurement, compact modeling, circuit design, and device simulation.

Table of Contents

Foreword; B.S. Meyerson
The Big Picture; J.D. Cressler
A Brief History of the Field; J.D. Cressler
Overview: SiGe and Si Strained-Layer Epitaxy; J.D. Cressler
Strained SiGe and Si Epitaxy; B. Tillack and P. Zaumseil
Si/SiGe(C) Eptiaxy by RTCVD; D. Dutartre, F. Deléglise, C. Fellous, L. Rubaldo, and A. Talbot
MBE Growth Techniques; M. Oehme and E. Kasper
UHV/CVD Growth Techniques; T.N. Adam
Defects and Diffusion in SiGe and Strained Si; A.R. Peaker and V. Markevich
Stability Constraints in SiGe Epitaxy; A. Fischer
Electronic Properties of Strained Si/SiGe and Si1-yCy Alloys; J.L. Hoyt
Carbon Doping of SiGe; H.J. Osten
Contact Metallization on Silicon-Germanium; C.K. Maiti
Selective Etching Techniques for SiGe/Si; S. Monfray, S. Borel, and T. Skotnicki
Overview: Fabrication of SiGe HBT BiCMOS Technology; J.D. Cressler
Device Structures and BiCMOS Integration; D.L. Harame
SiGe HBTs on CMOS-Compatible SOI; J. Cai and T.H. Ning
Passive Components; J.N. Burghartz
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: IBM; A.J. Joseph and J.S. Dunn
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: Jazz; P.H.G. Kempf
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: Hitachi; K. Washio
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: Infineon; T.F. Meister, H. Schäfer, W. Perndl, and J. Böck
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: IHP; D. Knoll
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: ST; A. Chantre, M. Laurens, B. Szelag, H. Baudry, P. Chevalier, J. Mourier, G. Troillard, B. Martinet, M. Marty, and A. Monroy
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: Texas Instruments; B. El-Kareh, S. Balster, P. Steinmann, and H. Yasuda
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: Philips; R. Colclaser and P. Deixler
Overview: SiGe HBTs; J.D. Cressler
Device Physics; J.D. Cressler
Second-Order Effects; J.D. Cressler
Low-Frequency Noise; G. Niu
Broadband Noise; D.R. Greenberg
Microscopic Noise Simulation; G. Niu
Linearity; G. Niu
pnp SiGe HBTs; J.D. Cressler
Temperature Effects; J.D. Cressler
Radiation Effects; J.D. Cressler
Reliability Issues; J.D. Cressler
Self-Heating and Thermal Effects; J-S. Rieh
Device-Level Simulation; G. Niu
SiGe HBT Performance Limits; G. Freeman, A. Stricker, J-S. Rieh, and D.R. Greenberg
Overview: Heterostructure FETs; J.D. Cressler
Biaxial Strained Si CMOS; K. Rim
Uniaxial Stressed Si MOSFET; S.E. Thompson
SiGe-Channel HFETs; S. Banerjee
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: Intel's 90 nm Logic Technologies; S.E. Thompson
Overview: Other Heterostructure Devices; J.D. Cressler
Resonant Tunneling Devices; S. Tsujino, D. Grützmacher, and U. Gennser
IMPATT Diodes; E. Kasper and M. Oehme
Engineered Substrates for Electronic and Optoelectronic Systems; E.A. Fitzgerald
Self-Assembling Nanostructures in Ge(Si)-Si Heteroepitaxy; R. Hull
Overview: Optoelectronic Components; J.D. Cressler
Si-SiGe LEDs; K.L. Wang, S. Tong, and H.J. Kim
Near-Infrared Detectors; L. Colace, G. Masini, and G. Assanto
Si-Based Photonic Transistors for Integrated Optoelectronics; W.X. Ni and A. Elfving
Si-SiGe Quantum Cascade Emitters; D.J. Paul
Overview: Measurement and Modeling; J.D. Cressler
Best-Practice AC Measurement Techniques; R.A. Groves
Industrial Application of TCAD for SiGe Development; D.C. Sheridan, J.B. Johnson, and R. Krishnasamy
Compact Modeling of SiGe HBTs: HICUM; M. Schröter
Compact Modeling of SiGe HBTs: MEXTRAM; S. Mijalkovic
CAD Tools and Design Kits; S.E. Strang
Parasitic Modeling and Noise Mitigation Approaches in Silicon Germanium RF Designs; R. Singh
Transmission Lines on Si; Y.V. Tretiakov
Improved De-Embedding Techniques; Q. Liang
Overview: Circuits and Applications; J.D. Cressler
SiGe as an Enabler for Wireless Communications Systems; L.E. Larson and D.Y.C. Lie
LNA Optimization Strategies; Q. Liang
Linearization Techniques; L.C.N. de Vreede and M.P. van der Heijden
SiGe MMICs; H. Schumacher
SiGe Millimeter-Wave ICs; J-F. Luy
Wireless Building Blocks Using SiGe HBTs; J.R. Long
Direct Conversion Architectures for SiGe Radios; S. Chakraborty and J. Laskar
RF MEMS Techniques in Si/SiGe; J. Papapolymerou
Wideband Antennas on Silicon; M.M. Tentzeris and R.L. Li
Packaging Issues for SiGe Circuits; K. Lim, S. Pinel, and J. Laskar
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: IBM; D.J. Friedman and M. Meghelli
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: Hitachi; K. Washio
Industry Examples at State-of-the-Art: ST; D. Belot
Properties of Silicon and Germanium; J.D. Cressler
The Generalized Moll-Ross Relations; J.D. Cressler
Integral Charge-Control Relations; M. Schröter
Sample SiGe HBT Compact Model Parameters; R.M. Malladi

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"…a collection of 28 high-quality reviews rich in references, is a great success. The impact could go even further. I was very impressed on first reading, I was also very surprised by the contributors, since they are mostly eminent and very active in the field, though relatively young and representative of future trends. I was also excited by the up-to-date research content. Finally, this book will undoubtedly be an essential reference for researchers and an introduction for students just starting in the field."
-Bao-Lian Su, Materials Today, Vol. 9, No. 1-2, Jan-Feb. 2006