2nd Edition

Smart Grids Advanced Technologies and Solutions, Second Edition

Edited By Stuart Borlase Copyright 2018

    The latest edition features a new chapter on implementation and operation of an integrated smart grid with updates to multiple chapters throughout the text. New sections on Internet of things, and how they relate to smart grids and smart cities, have also been added to the book. It describes the impetus for change in the electric utility industry and discusses the business drivers, benefits, and market outlook of the smart grid initiative. The book identifies the technical framework of enabling technologies and smart solutions and describes the role of technology developments and coordinated standards in smart grid, including various initiatives and organizations helping to drive the smart grid effort. With chapters written by leading experts in the field, the text explains how to plan, integrate, implement, and operate a smart grid.

    Chapter 1: Overview of the Electric Utility Industry

    Miguel Brandao, Charles W. Newton, and Bartosz Wojszczyk

    Chapter 2: Smart Grid Challenges and Transformations

    Stuart Borlase, Miguel Brandao, James Fine, Mladen Kezunovic, and Bartosz Wojszczyk

    Chapter 3: Smart Energy Resources – Supply and Demand

    Stuart Borlase, Sahand Behboodi, Thomas Bradley, Miguel Brandao, Dave Chassin, Johan Enslin, and Chris McCarthy

    Chapter 4: Communications Systems

    Mehrdad Mesbah, Sharon Allan, and Donivon Hettich

    Chapter 5: Real-time Grid Management

    Stuart Borlase, Jiyuan Fan, Xiaoming Feng, Jay Giri, Gerald Gray, Zhenyu (Henry) Huang, Walter Sattinger, Douglas Wilson, Bo Yang, and Bo Zeng

    Chapter 6: Advanced Protection and Control for the Smart Grid

    Jens Schoene and Muhammad Humayun

    Chapter 7: Automatic Restoration Systems and Outage Management

    Mirrasoul Mousavi, Ning Kang, Hormoz Kazemzadeh, and Christopher McCarthy

    Chapter 8: Volt/VAr Optimization

    Bob McFetridge, Mike Simms, and Steve Tyler

    Chapter 9: Monitoring and Diagnostics

    Mirrasoul J. Mousavi, Tony McGrail, and Siri Varadan

    Chapter 10: Asset Management

    Tony McGrail

    Chapter 11: Geospatial Technologies

    Paul Wilson

    Chapter 12: Mobile Workforce Management

    Jessica Jensen

    Chapter 13: Smart Meters and Advanced Metering Infrastructures

    Aaron F. Snyder, David Kranzler, and Robby Simpson

    Chapter 14: Convergence of Technologies and IT/OT Integration

    Stuart Borlase, Michael Covarrubias, Jim Horstman, and Greg Robinson

    Chapter 15: Data Analytics for the Smart Grid

    Greg Robinson, Jim Horstman, Mirrasoul Mousavi, and Gowri Rajappan

    Chapter 16: High-Performance Computing for Advanced Smart Grid Applications

    Yousu Chen and Zhenyu (Henry) Huang

    Chapter 17: Cybersecurity for the Smart Grid

    Jeffrey L. Hahn

    Chapter 18: FACTS and HVDC

    Neil Kirby and Johan Enslin

    Chapter 19: Microgrids

    Stuart Borlase, Patrick Burgess, Mehdi Ganji, and Wei Tian

    Chapter 20: The Dynamics of Wholesale and Distributed Energy Markets

    Eric Woychik, Hong Chen, and Dave Erickson

    Chapter 21: Transactive Energy

    Eric Woychik

    Chapter 22: Smart Grid Standardization Work

    Aaron F. Snyder, Frances Cleveland, and Eric Lambert

    Chapter 23: The Smart Grid IoT

    Stuart Borlase, Donivon Hettich, and Dave Kranzler

    Chapter 24: Smart Cities

    Stuart Borlase, Dolan Beckel, Patrick Burgess, Jessie Denver, Paul Doherty, Mehdi Ganji, Adrienne Grier, Kip Harkness, Daniel Kushner, Eric Lambert, Mahsa Nicknam, Mohammad Shahidehpour, Mark Wells, and Gary Wong

    Chapter 25: Refining a Holistic View of Grid Modernization

    John D. McDonald, Patty Durand, Charles W. Newton, Robby Simpson, and Eric Woychik


    Stuart Borlase has extensive experience in strategic solution sales and global business growth in the energy and utility industry. Stuart’s experience has included a series of progressively more influential positions with Schneider Electric, General Electric, Siemens, and Wipro Technologies, in both the Operational Technology (OT) and Information Technology (IT) areas of smart grid modernization and business transformation.

    Stuart received his B.Sc.Eng. (Power Engineering) degree from the University of Natal in South Africa, and his M.Eng. (Power Engineering) and D.Eng. (Power Engineering and Business) degrees from Texas A&M University. Stuart is a member of the Eta Kappa Nu (Electrical Engineering Honorary) and Tau Beta Pi (Engineering Honorary) societies. He is a Senior Member of the IEEE and a registered Professional Engineer. Stuart is also a GE certified Six Sigma Black Belt.

    Stuart has published and presented numerous papers on smart grid and grid modernization. He is a co-author of the Role of Substations in Smart Grids chapter for the book, Electric Power Substations Engineering, Third Edition, published by Taylor & Francis/CRC Press in 2012. Stuart is the Editor-in-Chief and co-author of the first edition of this book, which was published by Taylor & Francis/CRC Press in 2012.

    "It is a great introduction to the Smart Grid, both knowledge and its practice."
    Xiaolin Ge, Black & Veatch, USA

    "The first two chapters of this second edition provide an accurate history of how electric grid modernization has progressed in the last 10 – 15 years and lay out the current challenges and opportunities that customers, utilities, regulators, and new entrants to the electric supply and delivery industry are facing. It is helpful that economic, political, policy and business drivers for the changes have been explained."
    Tom Weaver, American Electric Power, USA