1st Edition

Soy Applications in Food

By Mian N. Riaz Copyright 2006
    304 Pages
    by CRC Press

    300 Pages
    by CRC Press

    Soy is prized by the food industry for both its versatility and the major role it plays in food functionality. However, only a limited amount of information is available explaining soy's full potential in food applicability. Soy Applications in Food provides insight into the different types of soy ingredients available for consumption and details the processing conditions required for their successful application in food.

    Comprehensive and complete, the book offers a wealth of information about soy health benefits, the current soy food market, and the processing of soybeans into different soy ingredients. It discusses the use of soy protein in baked goods, pasta, cereal, meat products, and food bars. The book also addresses how to process soybeans into soy milk, soy beverages, and textured soy protein; how to select identity-preserved soybeans for various food applications; how to overcome the "beany" flavor of some soy products; and how soy protein is fulfilling the need for protein in underdeveloped countries.

    Featuring contributions from industry experts with years of experience in the field, Soy Applications in Food is a valuable resource for obtaining information on the technical and practical applications of soy ingredients.

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    Soyfoods: Market and Products. Overview of the Health Effects of Soyfoods. Processing of Soybeans into Ingredients. Soy Ingredients in Baking. Developing and Producing Protein-Enhanced Snacks and Cereals. Soy in Pasta and Noodles. Soy Base Extract: Soymilk and Dairy Alternatives. Meat Alternatives.
    Textured Soy Protein Utilization in Meat and Meat Analog Products. Food Bars. Ready-to-Drink Soy Protein Nutritional Beverages. Soy Product Off-Flavor Generating, Masking, and Creating. Selecting Soybeans for Food Applications. World Initiative for Soy in Human Health. Index.


    Riaz, Mian N.