1st Edition

Taxol Science and Applications

Edited By Matthew Suffness Copyright 1995

    This volume brings together all aspects of TAXOL® research, development, and clinical use. It provides comprehensive knowledge of the compound and a perspective of the complex interrelationships needed for its development and production. Each chapter is written by an authority in the field. Chapters are carefully coordinated to maximize information on key topics while avoiding overlap and duplication. Previously unpublished material is presented along with thorough reviews of each topic.

    Discovery and Development of TAXOL®, M. Suffness and M.E. Wall
    Yew and Us: A Brief History of the Yew Tree. H.R. Hartzell, Jr.
    Supply of TAXOL®
    Taxus for TAXOL® and Taxoids, E.M. Croom, Jr.
    Potential of Plant Cell Culture for Taxane Production, D.M. Gibson, R.E.B. Ketchum, T.J. Hirasuna, and M.L. Shuler
    Semisynthesis of TAXOL® and Taxotere, R.A. Holton, R.J. Biediger, and P. Douglas Boatman
    Toward the Total Synthesis of TAXOL® and Its Analogues, P.A. Wender, M.G. Natchus, and A.J. Shuker
    Biology of TAXOL®
    Biosynthesis of TAXOL®, H.G. Floss and U. Mocek
    Preclinical Antitumor Activity of Taxanes, W.C. Rose
    Biopharmaceutics of Paclitaxel (TAXOL®): Formulation, Activity, and Pharmacokinetics, R.M. Straubinger
    The Use of TAXOL® in Cell Biology, R.B. Vallee
    Chemistry of TAXOL®
    Detection and Isolation, K.M. Snader
    Natural Taxoids: Structure and Chemistry, D.G.I. Kingston
    The Medicinal Chemistry of TAXOL® , G.I. Georg, T.C. Boge, Z.S. Cheruvallath, J.S. Clowers, G.C.B. Harriman, M. Hepperie, and H. Park
    Clinical Studies
    TAXOL® : Clinical Results and Current Issues in Development, S.G. Arbuck and B.A. Blaylock


    Suffness\, Matthew

    "...a marvelous job of assembling a cast of contributors who have excelled in bringing to full light the developmental hurdles a natural product can face en route to market and in highlighting the efforts and research strategies employed in attempts to surmount those barriers."
    -Dolatrai M. Vyas, J. Nat. Prod., 1996, 59, 216-218