2nd Edition

Teaching Academic L2 Writing Practical Techniques in Vocabulary and Grammar

By Eli Hinkel Copyright 2020
    494 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    494 Pages 14 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

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    The new edition of this comprehensive text fills an important role in teacher professional preparation by focusing on how to teach the grammar and vocabulary that are essential for all L2 writing teachers and student-writers. Before L2 writers can begin to successfully produce academic prose, they need to understand the foundations of the language and develop the language tools that will help them build reasonable quality text. Targeting specific problem areas of students’ writing, this text offers a wealth of techniques for teaching writing, grammar, and vocabulary to second-language learners.

    Updated with current research and recent corpus analysis findings, the second edition features a wealth of new materials, including new teaching activities; student exercises and assignments; and substantially revised appendices with supplementary word and phrase lists and sentence components. Designed for preservice ESL/ELT/TESOL courses as well as Academic Writing and Applied Linguistics courses, this book includes new, contextualized examples in a more accessible and easy-to-digest format.

    Part I. Academic Text and Teaching Second Language Writing

    Chapter 1. The Importance of Text in Academic Writing: Ongoing Goals in

    Teaching L2 Skills

    Chapter 2. Student Writing in Colleges and Universities

    Chapter 3. Designing a Course of Study


    Part II. Sentences and Their Parts: Vocabulary and Grammar

    Chapter 4. Sentences, Phrases, and Text Construction

    Chapter 5. Nouns and the Noun Phrase

    Chapter 6. More on the Noun Phrase: Pronouns

    Chapter 7. Verb Tenses and Active-Passive Constructions in Text Cohesion

    Chapter 8. Lexical Classes of Verbs: Meanings and Text Functions

    Chapter 9. Adjectives and Adverbs in Academic Discourse


    Part III. Text and Discourse Organization: The Sentence and Beyond

    Chapter 10. Backgrounding Discourse and Information: Subordinate Clauses

    Chapter 11. Rhetorical Features of Text: Cohesion and Coherence

    Chapter 12. Hedging in Academic Text in English


    Appendix A. Formulaic Expressions, Sentence Stems, and Phrases for Speaking,

    Presenting, and Participating in Meetings

    Appendix B. Constructions, Phrases, Formulaic Sequences, and Sentence Stems for

    Academic Writing


    Eli Hinkel is Professor of Linguistics and MA-TESL Programs at Seattle Pacific University, USA.