2nd Edition

Teaching and Learning Second Language Listening Metacognition in Action

    360 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    360 Pages 57 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    Now in its second edition, this reader-friendly text offers a comprehensive treatment of concepts and knowledge related to teaching second language (L2) listening, with a particular emphasis on metacognition.

    This book advocates a learner-oriented approach to teaching listening that focuses on the process of learning to listen. It applies theories of metacognition and language comprehension to offer sound and reliable pedagogical models for developing learner listening inside and outside the classroom. To bridge theory and practice, the book provides teachers with many examples of research-informed activities to help learners understand and manage cognitive, social, and affective processes in listening.

    Comprehensively updated with new research and references, the new edition includes additional and expanded discussions of many topics, including metacognition in young learners, working memory, and a L2 listening systems model. It remains an essential text on L2 listening pedagogy, theory, and research.

    Part 1:  Second Language Listening Theory and Research

    1. Teaching Listening and Learning to Listen

    2. Listening Competence

    3. A Cognitive Model of Listening Comprehension

    4. Factors that Influence Listening Success

    Part 2:  Metacognition and Learning to Listen

    5. A Metacognitive Approach to Listening Instruction

    6. A Metacognitive Pedagogical Sequence

    7. Activities for Metacognitive Instruction

    Part 3:  Developing Listening Competence

    8. Perception and Word Segmentation

    9. Task-Based Listening Lessons

    10. Integrated Projects for Extensive Listening

    11. Listening with Technology

    12. Assessing Listening for Learning

    Epilogue: Synthesis of Issues Related to Teaching and Learning Listening


    Christine C. M. Goh is President’s Chair Professor in Education (Linguistics and Language Education) at the National Institute of Education, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore.

    Larry Vandergrift was Professor Emeritus from the Official Languages and Bilingualism Institute in the Faculty of Arts at the University of Ottawa, Canada.

    Praise for the First Edition

    “This excellent volume accomplishes exactly the goal that it sets out to achieve… providing a clear and thoughtful reference or textbook for graduate students and teachers of L2 listening alike and making the processes involved in listening and metacognition clear to the readers.”

    Applied Linguistics

    “It is very thorough, and it is based on the authors’ deep knowledge of the field. No stone is left unturned, and in that respect, the book is destined to become a key reference book for professionals in the field of second language acquisition.”

    ELT Journal

    “This comprehensive work delivers what it promises: a thorough examination of listening comprehension, from theory to application, to implementation, and including descriptions of concrete class activities.”

    Modern Language Journal

    “It is a critical and valuable resource for educators who want a deeper understanding of the listening process and are determined to make listening instruction more explicit and meaningful.”

    RELC Journal