1st Edition

The Changing Landscape of International Schooling Implications for theory and practice

By Tristan Bunnell Copyright 2014
    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    196 Pages
    by Routledge

    The number of English-medium international schools that deliver their curriculum wholly or partly in the English language reportedly reached 6,000 in January 2012. It is anticipated this number will rise to over 11,000 schools by 2022, employing over 500,000 English-speaking teachers. The number of children being taught in these schools reportedly reached 3 million in March 2012. Alongside this phenomenal growth the landscape of international schooling has changed fundamentally, moving away from largely serving the children of the expat and globally mobile business community and Embassies, towards serving the ‘local’ children of the wealthy and emerging middle-class. This has been reflected in the shift away from non-profit ownership by the school community towards ownership by for-profit companies and proprietors.

    In this book, Tristan Bunnell explores the changing landscape of international schooling and discusses the implications of these changes, both in terms of theoretically conceptualizing the scale, nature and purpose of the field, and in terms of practically serving and administering the growing industry that international education is becoming.

    The Changing Landscape of International Schooling will be worthwhile reading for researchers, academics and students of international schooling, leaders and teachers in international schools, and those interested in the broader development of international education.

    1. An Overview of the Current Situation  2. The Previous Landscape as Revealed by the Literature  3. The Challenges in Reporting the Changing Landscape  4. Viewing the Developments within a Globalization Framework  5. Viewing the Developments within a Capitalism Framework  6. The Changes in Operation Explored in Detail  7. The Major Implications for Theory  8. The Major Implications for Practice  9. Concluding Remarks and Issues of Concern


    Tristan Bunnell has been Head of Economics at the Copenhagen International School, Denmark, since 2004, following a 14-year period at the International School of London, UK. He is currently a part-time Teaching Fellow at the University of Bath, UK.

    'Bunnell's book offers a comprehensive description of the changing landscape of international schooling...Bunnell's modest final sentence is typical of the tone of the books as a whole: 'It (the landscape) will need examining on a constant basis and this book is just another marker along the way'. I think it is more likely to be a milestone and possibly even a crossroads in the way we think about international schooling.'- George Walker, International School of Genevea, Switzerland (1991-1999); International Baccalaureate (1991 -2006), Journal of Research in International Education, April 2015.