1st Edition

The Chinese Dream: Educating the Future An Educational Philosophy and Theory Chinese Educational Philosophy Reader, Volume VII

By Michael A. Peters Copyright 2020
    136 Pages
    by Routledge

    134 Pages
    by Routledge

    This edited collection is based on a series of articles written by Michael A Peters as Editor-in-Chief of Educational Philosophy and Theory to explore the concept of The Chinese Dream first introduced by President Xi in 2012. This seventh volume in the Editor's Choice series provides a philosophical and historical analysis of The Chinese Dream by analyzing its major intersecting narratives - liberal, Confucian and Marxist. With chapters covering higher education strategy, social governance, socialist rule of law, the US-China trade war, technological unemployment and the emergence of the Chinese techno-state, this volume also offers an introduction to Chinese philosophy and history, and its narrative re-crafting that presents China as a global power. The author calls this process and the emerging Chinese narratives 'Educating the Future'.


    Part 1: The Chinese Dream
    1. Introduction: From National Humiliation to World Power
    2. The Path to Chinese Modernity: Philosophical and Historical Narratives of the Chinese Dream
    3. The Chinese Dream: Xi Jinping thought on Socialism with Chinese characteristics for a new era
    4. China Open, America Closed (with Tien-Hui Chiang)

    Part 2: The American Dream
    5. Conflicting Narratives of the American Dream: Obama’s Equality of Opportunity and Trump’s “Make America Great Again”
    The Emergent Chinese Techno-State
    6. China’s double first-class university strategy: 双一流 (with Tina Besley)
    7. Social governance, education and socialist rule of law in China (with Zhu Hongwen)
    8. Trade wars, technology transfer, and the future Chinese techno-state

    Part 3: Future Challenges
    9. ‘Intelligent capitalism’ and the disappearance of labour (with Zhao Wei)
    10. Technological Unemployment: Educating for the Fourth Industrial Revolution

    Postscript: Educating the Future


    Michael A. Peters is Distinguished Professor at Beijing Normal University, China, and Emeritus Professor in Educational Policy, Organization and Leadership at the University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign. He is the executive editor of the journal Educational Philosophy and Theory.