2nd Edition

The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education

By Kathryn Ecclestone, Dennis Hayes Copyright 2019
    204 Pages
    by Routledge

    204 Pages
    by Routledge

    The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education confronts the silent ascendancy of a therapeutic ethos across the educational system and into the workplace. Controversial and compelling, Kathryn Ecclestone and Dennis Hayes’ classic text uses a wealth of examples across the education system, from primary schools to university and the workplace, to show how therapeutic education is turning children, young people and adults into anxious and self-preoccupied individuals rather than aspiring, optimistic and resilient learners who want to know everything about the world.

    Remaining extremely topical, the chapters illuminate the powerful effects of therapeutic education, including:

    • How therapeutic learning is taking shape, now and in the future
    • How therapeutic ideas from popular culture have come to govern social thought and policies
    • How the fostering of dependence and compulsory participation in therapeutic activities that encourage the disclosing of emotions, can undermine parents’ and teachers’ confidence and authority
    • How therapeutic forms of teacher training undermine faith in the pursuit of knowledge
    • How political initiatives in emotional literacy, emotional wellbeing and ‘positive mental health’ propagate a diminished view of human potential throughout the education system and the workplace.

    The Dangerous Rise of Therapeutic Education is an eye-opening read for every teacher and leader across the field of education, and every parent and student, who is passionate about the power of knowledge to transform people’s lives. It is a call for a debate about the growing impact of therapeutic education and what it means for learning now and in the future.

    Foreword; Preface; 1. In an emotional state; 2. The therapeutic primary school; 3. The therapeutic secondary school; 4. The therapeutic further education college; 5. The therapeutic university; 6. The therapeutic workplace; 7. Explaining the emotional state; 8. The therapeutic turn in education: a response to our critics


    Kathryn Ecclestone is Visiting Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield, UK.

    Dennis Hayes is Professor of Education at the University of Derby and the director of the campaign group Academics for Academic Freedom (AFAF).