1st Edition

The Finite Strip Method

By Y. K. Cheung, L. G. Tham Copyright 1997
    416 Pages
    by CRC Press

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    The increase in the popularity and the number of potential applications of the finite strip method has created a demand for a definitive text/reference on the subject. Fulfilling this demand, The Finite Strip Method provides practicing engineers, researchers, and students with a comprehensive introduction and theoretical development, and a complete treatment of current practical applications of the method.

    Written by experts who are arguably the world's leading authorities in the field, The Finite Strip Method covers both the classical strip and the newly developed spline strip and computed shape function strip. Applications in structural engineering, with particular focus on practical structures such as slab-beam bridges, box girder bridges, and tall buildings are discussed extensively. Applications in geotechnology are also covered, as are recently formulated applications in nonlinear analysis.

    The Finite Strip Method is a unique book, supplying much-needed information by well-known and highly regarded authors.

    Interpolation Shape Functions
    Choice of Interpolation Shape Functions
    Available Interpolation Functions for Classical Finite Strips
    Longitudinal Functions for Spline Finite Strips
    Computed Shape Function Strips
    Constant Strain Conditions
    Plate Bending Problems
    Formulation for Thin Plate Bending
    Classical Plate Strips
    Spline Bending Strips
    Computed Shape Function (COMSFUN) Strips
    Curved Plate Strips
    Skew Plates
    Analysis of Moderately Thick Plates
    Least Square Formulation of Plate Bending Problems
    Plane Stress Analysis
    Classical Plane Stress Strips
    Spline Plane Stress Strips
    Computed Shape Function Strip (COMSFUN)
    Curved Plane Stress Strips
    Mixed Formulation of Plane Stress Analysis
    Vibration and Stability
    Matrix Theory of Free Vibration
    Derivation of Consistent Mass Matrix of Classical Strips
    Derivation of Consistent Mass Matrix of Spline Strip
    Linear Instability and Geometric (Stress) Stiffness Matrix
    Vibration Analysis of Moderately Thick Plates
    Modelling of Three Dimensional Solids: Finite Prism and Finite Layer Methods
    Finite Prism Method
    Finite Layer Method
    Domain Transformation: Treatments for Arbitrarily Shaped Structures
    Parametric Representation of Arbitrary Plane Curves
    Transformation for Arbitrarily Shaped Quadrilateral Plates
    Transformation of Arbitrarily Shaped Shells
    Transformation for Longitudinally Arbitrarily Curved Box Girders
    Applications to Shell Structures and Bridges
    Shell Structures
    Applications to Tall Buildings
    General Consideration and Structural Idealization
    Strip Elements
    Line Elements
    Discrete Beam Model
    Applications to Layered Systems in Structural and Geotechnical Engineering
    Sandwich and Laminated Plates
    Geotechnical Problems
    Non-Linear Analysis
    Solution for Non-Linear System
    Material Non-Linearity
    Geometric Non-Linearity
    Non-Linear Vibration
    Transformation Approach: Fourier and Hankel Transforms
    Plane Strain Analysis
    Circular Loading
    Three-Dimensional Problem
    Viscoelastic Material (Creep)
    Consolidation Analysis
    Transport Problems
    Appendix: Program for the Analysis of Folded Plates and Box Girder Bridges by Classical Finite Strip