2nd Edition

The John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Handbook Volume 3 - Applications

Edited By Charles E. Baukal, Jr. Copyright 2014
    452 Pages 381 B/W Illustrations
    by CRC Press

    Despite the length of time it has been around, its importance, and vast amounts of research, combustion is still far from being completely understood. Issues regarding the environment, cost, and fuel consumption add further complexity, particularly in the process and power generation industries. Dedicated to advancing the art and science of industrial combustion, The John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Handbook, Second Edition: Volume 3 – Applications offers comprehensive, up-to-date coverage of equipment used in the process and power generation industries.

    Under the leadership of Charles E. Baukal, Jr., top engineers and technologists from John Zink Hamworthy Combustion examine industry applications such as process burners, boiler burners, process flares, thermal oxidizers, and vapor control. This volume builds on the concepts covered in the first two volumes and shows how they are used in combustion applications. The book also features a wealth of color illustrations, photographs, and tables throughout.

    What’s New in This Edition

    • Expanded to three volumes, with Volume 3 focusing on important industry applications
    • Extensive updates and revisions throughout, reflecting new standards, energy sources, processes, and conservation concerns
    • Expanded coverage of flares and new coverage of biogas flares and flare gas recovery
    • Information on vapor combustors
    • Discussion of pollution control equipment
    • Expanded coverage of commercial and utility boiler burners
    • Chapters on process and air heaters
    • More material on thermal oxidizers
    • A new chapter on marine and offshore applications

    The third of three volumes in the new, expanded edition of the bestselling handbook, this volume helps you broaden your knowledge of industrial combustion applications to better meet the challenges of this field.

    For the other volumes in the set, see The John Zink Hamworthy Combustion Handbook, Second Edition: Three-Volume Set.

    Process Burners
    Erwin Platvoet, I-Ping Chung, Michael Claxton, and Tami Fischer

    Oil Burners
    I-Ping Chung, Steve Londerville, Mike Claxton, and Bill Johnson

    Burners and Combustion for Industrial and Utility Boilers
    Vladimir Lifshits

    Duct Burners
    Peter F. Barry, Stephen L. Somers, and Steve Londerville

    Process Heaters
    Erwin Platvoet, David Brown, and Rasik Patel

    Air Heaters
    Carl Connally, Lothar Schulz, and Tim Webster

    Thermal Oxidizer Basics
    Bernd Reese, Wolfgang Klaus, and Jay Karan

    Thermal Oxidizer Control and Configurations
    Bernd Reese, Wolfgang Klaus, Jay Karan, and Juergen Foelting

    Selected Pollution Control Equipment
    Klaus-Dieter Zschorsch

    Robert Schwartz, Jeff White, and Wes Bussman

    Flare Ignition Systems
    J. Bellovich, J. Franklin, and Charles E. Baukal, Jr.

    Biogas Flaring
    Tim Locke and Brandy Johnson

    Flare Gas Recovery
    Jim Peterson, Nick Tuttle, Harley Cooper, and Charles E. Baukal, Jr.

    Hydrocarbon Vapor Control Technology
    Roger E. Blanton

    Marine and Offshore Applications
    Richard Price



    Charles E. Baukal, Jr., Ph.D., PE, is the director of the John Zink Institute for the John Zink Company, LLC (Tulsa, Oklahoma), where he has been since 1998. He has more than 30 years of experience in the fields of industrial combustion, pollution control, and heat transfer and has authored more than 150 publications in those areas. Dr. Baukal serves as an adjunct instructor for Oral Roberts University, the University of Oklahoma, the University of Tulsa, and the University of Utah. He is the author or editor of thirteen books in the field of industrial combustion.