1st Edition

The North American Forests Geography, Ecology, and Silviculture

By Laurence C. Walker Copyright 1998

    The North American Forests: Geography, Ecology, and Silviculture describes where, why, and how the many kinds of trees found on this continent grow in silvical associations - called forest cover types. Thirteen chapters describe more than 100 forest cover types, involving several times that many species. Diverse woodlands discussed include:
    o The Arctic tundra
    o Florida's tropics
    o The Atlantic's coastal pond pines
    o The Pacific's Monterey pines
    o The summits of Englemann spruce
    o Sea-Level swamps of baldcypress

    The text acts as a singular guidebook for specialists and students in natural resource disciplines examining the geography, ecology, and silvicultural practices for sustaining North American forests; students in curriculum's involving regional silviculture; and persons examining the goods and services from this varied, fascinating renewable resource. Benefiting from the author's five decades of practicing forestry, the reader will trek into virtually every "neck of the woods" - perusing exceptional field notes and photographs of the continent's forests.

    o Offers a summary of forests in North America, ecological positions, and best management approaches for the benefit of mankind
    o Contains a readable language for both college students and professionals
    o Provides information covering the forests of Canada and the US
    o Lists "Further Readings" and "Subjects for Discussion and Essay" at the end of each chapter
    o Includes more than 100 photographs
    o Foresters o Ecologists o Natural Resource Managers o Forestry Students
    Foreword Preface The Continent's Forests Conifer Forests of the North Broadleaf Forests of the North, Including Mid-Continent Pine Forests of the South Other Conifer Forests of the South Upland Broadleaf Forests of the South Broadleaf Forests of Southern Wetlands Mixed Conifer-Broadleaf Forests of the East Pine Forests of the West Spruce and Fir Forests of the Wests Other Conifer Forests of the West Broadleaf Forests of the West Tropical Forests of Hawaii, South Florida, and Puerto Rico Appendix Glossary Scientific Names of Trees Mentioned in the Text Index
    Catalog no. SL1760 August 1998, c. 4448 pp., 6x9 ISBN: 1-5744-4176-0 $69.95


    Lawrence C. Walker

    "A carefully organized look at all major forest types of North America. A fine resource book for forestry students and professionals as well as others interested in understanding the practices of foresters."
    -Northeastern Naturalist