1st Edition

The Role of Participants in Education Research Ethics, Epistemologies, and Methods

    280 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    298 Pages 11 B/W Illustrations
    by Routledge

    This book explores different perspectives on the role, influence and importance of participants in education research. Drawing on a variety of philosophical, theoretical and methodological approaches, the book examines how researchers relate to and with their participants before, during, and after the collection and/or production of data; reimagining the rights of participants, the role/s of participants, the concept/s of "participant" itself.

    1. Imagining and Reimagining the Role of Participants in Education Research: Ethics, Epistemologies, and Methods  Patrick Alan Danaher, Margaret Baguley and Warren Midgley  Part I: Ethics  Part 1 Introduction: Ethics  Warren Midgley  2. Researching Sexual Minority and Gender Variant Youth and Their Growth into Resilience  André P. Grace  3. Dangers of Member Checking  Ronald E. Hallett  4. Hearing Participants Within Emotionally Challenging Environments  John Hurley, Paul Linsley, Sheena MacLeod and Michael Ramsay  5. Researchers as Participants, Participants as Researchers  Louise Phillips and Agli Zavros  6. Doing What Works: Challenges to Being Ethically ‘Reasonable’  Thomas Webster  Part II: Epistemologies  Part II Introduction: Epistemologies  Margaret Baguley  7. The Significance of the Linguistic Representation of Self in Research  Yvonne Salton  8. Conceptualizing Research Participants as ‘Significant Others’ in the Construction of Empirical Knowledge  Dolene Rossi  9. Blurring the Boundaries: The Transformative Nature of Research Participation  Katie Makar and Mia O’Brien  10. The Country’s Not What It Used to Be: Research Participants’ Understandings of Space, Place and Identity in Rural Victoria  Bernadette Walker-Gibbs  11. Naming, Framing, and Sometimes Shaming: Reimagining Relationships with Education Research Participants  Janet Cook, Mike Danaher, Geoff Danaher and Patrick Alan Danaher  Part III: Methods  Part III Introduction: Methods  Patrick Alan Danaher  12. Understanding Taboos with Asian American Women Through Autoethnography  June A. Gordon  13. "Laat Dit Goed Gaan": Revisioning Education Research Through Teaching Afrikaans as a Foreign Language to Australian Adolescents on the Basis of Moral Education and Ethics of Care  Henriette van Rensburg  14. Participants and Research Method Design: The Development of Narrative Discussion Group Method  Warren Midgley  15. Greater Than the Sum of the Parts: The Formation of a School/University Research Team  Margaret Baguley, Jeffrey Campbell, Vaughan Cruickshank, Julianne Daunt, Martin Kerby, Abbey MacDonald, Robyn Mann, Susie McDonald, Steve Monk, Toni Riordan, Susan Santoli, Paige Vitulli and Nicole Webster  16. How Do the Participants Feel About Learning Statistics? Exploring Group Differences in Middle School Students’ Interest  Colin Carmichael  17. Actor-Network Theory: A Device for Reimagining Participants in Education Research  Jo Luck  Respondent’s Text: Taking Researching With Vs. Researching On Seriously: A Detour via the Intercultural?  Fred Dervin


    Warren Midgley is a lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Southern Queensland.

    Patrick Alan Danaher is Professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Southern Queensland.

    Margaret Baguley is a senior lecturer in the Faculty of Education at the University of Southern Queensland.